Life in Los Angeles is often portrayed as lavish, colorful, and over the top. It’s no surprise that Los Angeles interior design styles also live up to this reputation. When looking at Los Angeles Interior Design Trends, we notice that maximalism is growing in popularity once again.

Sometimes mistaken for eclectic design, which is a mixture of different design styles, maximalism is a mixture of colors, patterns, and textures within the same style. But, if not done right, you can end up with a space that feels cluttered and overwhelming rather than bold and eye-catching. Here are a few ways you can successfully introduce maximalism in your home.

Pick Your Style and Stick with It

You might think maximalism means anything goes. But the secret to making this popular style work is to stick to one design style. Whether you love mid-century modern, bohemian, or classic décor, you can have a maximalist space.

Once you pick your style, fill your home with different colors, patterns, and textures within that style. This formal sitting room embraces maximalism and classic design. From the ornate mirror, to the striped ottoman, to the damask wallpaper, this room is a collection of rich color and texture.

Create a Connection

To avoid ending up with a space that feels crowded and overwhelming, you have to create a connection between the different elements. A common thread that runs throughout the room will help provide a cohesive look.

This bright and bold living room has a lot going on, but the consistent color palette pulls the room together and creates a unified look. The repeating pattern on the chairs and throw pillows also helps make the design feel intention rather than haphazard.

Put Function First

A space that isn’t functional won’t look good no matter what design style it features. Start by planning the layout of the room to ensure you have good flow and all your seating needs are met. Then consider how you will use the space and ensure you and your family can enjoy the room comfortably. Now that you have a solid foundation or “good bones”, you can fill the room with color and pattern, and it will still look right and function well.

This transitional living room puts function first by anchoring the space with a formal conversation area. The playful ottomans paired with the bold patterns on the couch and curtains transform the space into a fun and colorful example of maximalism done right.

Add A Gallery Wall

If you prefer to start slowly or if you’re looking for that final touch for your maximalist space, a gallery wall is a great way to go. A gallery wall lets you express your artistic style and get bold with colors and images without making a big commitment. In most spaces. the guideline for gallery walls is to keep the frames and styles consistent. But when it comes to maximalism you get to break that rule. Combine different frames and styles of art for a wall full of images that speak to you.

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