Los Angeles is more than just a city–it’s an icon, a mindset, a lifestyle. If Los Angeles is where you call “home,” you don’t want to settle for how that home is designed. The same goes for your business: you want to embody the Los Angeles spirit of innovation and relaxation into your space. As an industry leader, CIH can design your space to capture the beauty and beat you want to achieve. 

Why Choose CIH for Your Next Interior Design Project?


1. Shelly Dávid Has an Established Reputation

Shelly Dávid has been bringing out the best of interiors for over twenty-five years. Her projects have been featured in countless magazine covers and shows. Not only do her interior design projects get noticed, but they earn awards. Her international style is a tribute to all that is beautiful around the globe, and she is always ready to bring your vision to life and adapt your style into a living, breathing, efficient space.


2. Don’t Go Far from Home to Find Home 

When you work with CIH, you work with someone that knows the ins and outs of LA, the best contractors, businesses, and vendors.  CIH also oversees every installation, including the procurement, purchasing, and logistics that lead up to it.


3. An Intimate Approach 

You want a designer that will create a space that reflects you, your family, and your business. Whether working remotely or in-person, Shelly gets to know you, so your space feels like your own. Her designs take into consideration your lifestyle, your hope, your dreams, and your growth. 


4. No Surprises: With CIH, You Will See Your Space in Renderings

With realistic renderings of your project, you will know exactly what you’re paying for before any final decisions are made. You’ll be able to see the colors, textures, materials in complete renderings. CIH Design’s renderings are so realistic, don’t be surprised if you mistake them for a photograph.


5. CIH Brings Your Dreams to Life

Flexibility is key to success: no matter the size of the space, it can make a huge impact on precisely what you want it to. Whether you’re looking for classic elegance or boutique-chic, CIH will make your dreams come. Shelly adapts her keen eye for style and timeless beauty to fit her client’s needs. 


CIH Design: Are You Ready To Achieve Your Perfect Interior?

No matter the size or scope of your project, we’re ready to talk to you. From the coast of Los Angeles to the beaches of Hawaii, you won’t find a more authentic and approachable designer to work with. If you’re ready to begin your journey beyond the mundane, give Shelly a call or send her email. She’s ready to work with you.