Maui Remodel Renderings

This two-story oceanfront home in Maui required a complete interior remodel. CIH Interior Design created photo-realistic renderings of the entire home for the client’s approval. With extensive experience designing homes in Maui, Honolulu, Kauai and the Big Island, interior designer Shelly David knows how to create beautiful interior designs that highlight the gorgeous Hawaiian scenery.

Maui Interior Design

Shelly and her team used a neutral color palette and low-profile furniture to let the stunning island views to take center stage. Incorporating natural materials such as hardwood floors, a bamboo wall and wood ceiling panels helps bring the feeling of the outdoors inside. Carrying the wood accents throughout the home creates a consistent look and feel that flows from room to room.

When working with a neutral color scheme, our interior designers look for creative ways to make a space stand out. Layered lighting throughout the house adds sparkle and interest in each room. The combination of wall sconces and semi flush-mount ceiling lights allows for uninterrupted view lines. More prominent lighting, such as the chandelier in the dining room and glass sphere lights in the media room are used where views aren’t affected.

Pops of color in the dining room and master bedroom help brighten the neutral tones used throughout the house. The aquamarine accents in the bedroom perfectly mimic the blue waters of the Pacific Ocean and draw the eye to the gorgeous views. The bold carpet in the dining room is the inspiration for the colorful chairs and throw pillows.

The beautiful bathroom is the highlight of this Maui home. With ample skylights and a wrap-around glass wall, the room is bright and airy. An open bathing area creates the feeling of an outdoor shower inside. Moving the water supply to the ceiling adds to the open feeling and ensures the views remain uninterrupted. The strategic placement of plants and a beautiful waterfall wall creates privacy without enclosing the space.