When you think Los Angeles interior design trends, you probably picture glamorous Mediterranean-style homes with sprawling estates. But in a city as diverse as Los Angeles, interior design styles can run the gamut. Since what’s popular in interior design is often formed by what’s trending on the catwalks, major fashion cities like Paris, New York, and Los Angeles are often where design trends begin.


As an international interior designer who has created beautiful homes all over the world, Shelly David and her team are always ready to take the lead when it comes to design trends. Here are three ways CIH Design is embracing LA’s hottest design trends.


Modern Coastal Design

Bright, open spaces with plenty of natural light are popular from coast to coast. Whether you live by the water or in the heart of the city, a home that evokes feelings of the beach is a welcome escape.

If you’re lucky enough to live in a home with a water view, your interior design should highlight the views, not compete with them. This modern condo in Honolulu’s Waiea Tower is a perfect example of a light-filled home with beautiful design that lets the view take center stage.

The blue and white color palette blends with the scenery beyond and the low-profile furniture provides an uninterrupted sightline. Even the stunning chandelier was chosen for its ability to draw the eye upward without impeding the view. Metallic accents and reflective surfaces make the room sparkle.


Homes that Embrace the Outdoors

As natural green space becomes less available, people are looking for ways to make the most of their outdoor spaces. Smartly designed homes that open to the outside are letting even those in urban areas embrace outdoor living. This is even more true when you live in a climate with ideal weather conditions like those in Los Angeles.


This Kauai residence features a variety of natural materials throughout the home. From the lighting to the furniture Shelly chose materials such as wood, stone, and leather to blend with the beautiful surroundings. The large glass wall opens up to the deck beyond creating a smooth transition from inside to out. Large skylights allow the home to be filled with light despite the dark color scheme.

Maximalism Makes a Comeback

After years of pale grey walls and smooth clean lines, minimalistic design is giving way to bold colors, eclectic patterns, and interesting shapes. When done right, maximalism can bring a room to life. Shelly loves the opportunity to layer color and patterns like in this bright and lively Houston estate.

The material chosen for the sofa and curtains sets the tone for this gorgeous great room. Repeating the bright colors in the accent chairs and pillows helps pull the room together. Even the dining room chandelier is a stunning shade of green. This room is functional, comfortable, and anything but boring!

Design Your Los Angeles Home from Afar

No matter where you’re located, the CIH Design team can create beautiful custom designs for your Los Angeles home. We will work with you from initial concept development right through to final approval and installation, to ensure your LA home or investment property is everything you desire. Our photorealistic renderings allow you to view and approve the entire design without ever stepping foot inside. Contact us today for the best Los Angeles interior design services.