When it comes to interior design, I have found that many people have amazing questions. Unfortunately, I’ve also discovered a lot of those people are also too shy to ask these questions. As a professional interior designer with over 25 years of experience, I’ve seen it all and done it all, and I’m always happy to share my insight and expertise with others. 

To help those that are too nervous to ask, here are the 5 most common questions people want to ask their interior designer but don’t:


1. “Can I Participate in the Design Process?”


Absolutely. I design homes, businesses, and outdoor spaces for the people that will enjoy them. Our very first consultation is your first opportunity to let me know what you envision. I will ask you questions and happily answer any you may have. Additionally, you will receive a realistic rendering of your project, which can be further revised based on your feedback.

If you have questions or requests along the way, I’m just a phone call or email away.


2. “How Do You Create a Design That Will Stand the Test of Time?”


Timeless design is all about blending classic elements with some modern touches in a contemporary way. Knowing where to give in to trends and where to practice restraint is key. 

For example, wall colors are easy to change. All it takes is a few coats of paint. Whereas, your furniture is more of an investment and more difficult to switch should you tire of their style.

Always choose artwork that you love. This will keep it fresh for the long haul.

Another great place to give in to trends is in your throw pillows, throw blankets, and smaller pieces of decor. Pillows and throw blankets wear out over time, so you might as well let them be a place where you can embrace the now.


3. “How Much Does a Professional Interior Designer Cost?”


An experienced, professional interior designer ranges in price based on the size of the design area, involvement in the fulfillment of the design, and the depth of the work necessary. 

A good interior designer can save you money. When you use a professional designer, you receive a design that you see before you purchase paint, furniture, or hire an electrician. This allows you to troubleshoot problems before they cost you real money. 

Many interior designers also have connections with industry professionals, which can save you time as well as money.


4. “I’ve Never Hired a Professional Interior Designer. What’s the Process Like?”


If you’ve never worked with an interior designer, don’t worry. The best of us have a knack for making you feel comfortable while listening to your wants and needs. 

As for the process, it begins with a quick email or phone call. From there, we will schedule a consultation where you can tell me about your space, style, and budget. 

After your consultation, I will take measurements and a tour of the space. For online consultations, I am happy to walk you through the measuring process.

Then I design your space digitally and send you the realistic renderings and await your feedback. After you have a chance to review the design, I can make any alterations you want and send you an updated rendering.

From there, it’s up to you. I can work with your contractors and help select pieces that will make your design come to life.


5. “How Can I Design a Kid’s Room That Will Grow with Them?”


I wish more parents asked this question. Designing a child’s room is an important part of becoming a parent, yet most parents quickly learn their child’s nursery requires re-design within just a few years. Here are my top tips to create a kids’ design that lasts:

To create a space that will grow with your child, choose convertible furniture in neutral tones. 

Beware of pink and blue. While some children grow to love these colors, many others prefer to change the color. One “cheat” is to paint the walls of your nursery a neutral color like cream or white. These colors are bright and work well with most decor. If you want your pink or blue, add it in to your accessories!

Invest in durable items. Kids tend to be a little rougher on furniture. When you invest in sturdy pieces, they will pay for themselves throughout a happy childhood. 


Have Other Questions? Don’t Be Shy


One of the best aspects of being an interior designer is working with individuals. If you have a question, I would love to hear from you. I’m happy to help you achieve the best design for your home or business. Reach out to me today.