Do you believe your home reflects who you are and what you care about? We ask a lot of our most domestic spaces. Our homes have the potential to excite, inspire, but also shelter us from the hustle and bustle just beyond the door. 


While many people would answer yes to the questions I asked, few say that their home exudes comfort and relation. And even fewer find their homes a source of inspiration. And who can blame them? Between chores and getting ready for the holidays, we can lose sight of the need for calmness, serenity, and imagination.


But with so much going on, it becomes even more important to take downtime and become inspired. 


It’s time to put your comfort and inspiration first. When you have a refuge to relax, unwind, and practice mindfulness in, the chaos rest of the world melts away, and your creative energy can flow.


How Can You Create a Comfortable and Inspirational Space



1. Declutter Your Space, Declutter the Mind


Your space should reflect what you care most about. This can become a challenge when your heart is open to so many things. If you glance around your room and see nicknacks, candles, pictures, and vases on every surface and in every nook, there’s a good chance you can declutter.


Sensory overload can create a traffic jam of emotions and thoughts. Paring back your decor lets your mind rest while allowing you to meditate on your hopes, dreams, and ambition. 


Store some objects and rotate decor throughout the year. This will remind you how special your memories associated with your decor are. And rotating decor freshens up your space while keeping the clutter to a minimum. 



2. Choose Furniture that Supports Your Goals


What goals do you want to achieve? Do you want to create more often in your space or relax and unwind after a long day? Your furniture should serve these intentions.


Choose flat surfaces with a lot of light if you plan on using the space in your creative inspirational mode. 


If you need more relief from the day, choose soft, rich throws and fabrics. 



3. Allow Your Space to Serves Multiple Functions


We tend to get wrapped up in the identity of a room. We decide on a purpose for the space and often close off possibility. Don’t do this. Your rooms should support a healthy, well-rounded life and the wide range of activities you enjoy.


Hidden storage allows you to sweep the mess away so you can roll out your yoga mat. Place some planted veggies and herbs on your window sill so your kitchen serves as an indoor garden in addition to a food prep space.



4. Embrace the Natural World


Bring in fresh flowers and light some candles. Open the blinds and crack a window. Fresh air, natural materials, and natural objects can bring you back to Earth. Fresh oxygen can reinvigorate the brain and the dance of candle flames keeps you in the present.


Earthtone paints tend to warm up the mind without overly exciting you. And natural decor like flowers reminds you of the impermanence of life and the need to rejuvenate your space from time to time.


5. Let the Lights Glow or Turn Them Down Low


Light plays a huge role in our moods. Especially during winter. Use light as a tool to set the tone you want to achieve in your home.


When you’re looking for inspiration, become awakened with bright lighting. Bright lights that mimic natural light will ignite your motivation, even on the shortest winter days. 


Ready to relax? Lower the dimmer or switch to lamps with heavy shades. Light some scented candles for extra ambiance and relaxation.


Find Your Refuge


Your home should bring your joy. If you’re looking for a change of pace or need a pop of color, have some fun experimenting. Look up photos for inspiration and remember to check for you a smile when you enter a room. If your room isn’t bringing you happiness–adjust your decor and find that inner inspiration that allows your beauty to radiate from floor to ceiling.