Designing a home is an extremely time-consuming endeavor that involves anoverwhelming amount of decisions. Whether you’re decorating your home or an investment property, hiring a professional for your Los Angeles interior design project will save you time, money, and a lot of headaches.

The amount of value a designer can bring to your project will probably surprise you. From a well-functioning floorplan to a cohesive color scheme to expressing your personal style, a designer can elevate your home in ways you might not even consider. Here are just a few ways that hiring a professional interior designer will make your Los Angeles interior design project a better experience.

Find Your Design Style

One of the secrets to a cohesive looking home is to select and embrace a specific interior design style. A design style provides some guidelines to follow and will help ensure that all the elements in your home will work well together.

A professional designer knows how to narrow down your vision and find a style that really speaks to you. An interior designer also has the ability to seethe bigger picture and look at how each piece will fit into the overall design.

Avoid Costly Mistakes

There are so many decisions to make when it comes to designing a home, or even just one room. And when it comes to dealing with suppliers, constantly changing timelines, and custom orders, mistakes can have very costly results.

Shelly and the CIH design team bring over 25 years of experience dealing with the many aspects of luxury interior design projects. Their experience and knowledge will give you peace of mind knowing that every detail large orsmall is taken care of.

Save Valuable Time

Interior design is an extremely labor-intensive process that requires a lot of decision making and a lot of mediating. If you already have a busy schedule, you likely won’t have the time available that the project requires. Relying on a designer’s assistance can relieve a lot of stress from the experience.

A designer will also save you endless hours of shopping and researching products. They already have a list of trusted suppliers and sources for everything from fabrics, to tile, to furniture. Trusting their expertise means you don’t have to spend your valuable time finding the right product or the best price.

Working with A Budget

Without careful planning, design projects can quickly escalate out of control. Your designer can help you stay on budget and ensure you spend in the rightplaces. Their industry connections can help get better value for your dollar. And they can also present you with a wider range of options than you will find in a retail store.

Turnkey Interior Design Services

CIH Design specializes in turnkey interior design projects that offer you complete planning, design, and implementation services. No matter where you are located, we will work with you to establish your design vision. From that, we provide photorealistic renderings that allow you to see and approve your design even if you’ve never set foot in the home. We can also handle alllogistics from purchasing right through to final installation. The result is a bespoke, move-in ready home. All you have to do is “turn the key” and enjoy your stunning new home.

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