If you listen carefully, every room in your home will tell you what it needs. Even if that tiny voice is coming from inside your own head, listening to it is a great way to improve your living space and make the most of the home you have.

The next time you are feeling stuck for decorating ideas, try this simple exercise. Stand on the threshold of each room, then ask yourself what that space needs to be complete. It could be something as simple as organizing the clutter in your storage room, cleaning up the shelves in the laundry room or adding a makeup table to the bedroom. If you heed the advice your rooms provide, you will be well on your way to a better and more comfortable home.

The great thing about this exercise is that it sparks your own creative imagination in a new and interesting way. You do not have to be a new age adherent or spiritual guru to listen to what your rooms are saying; all you need is an open mind and the creativity to respond in kind.

design concept

Design renderings help you visualize the final project, before it even begins.

Once you know what your rooms are looking for, you can seek out ways to redecorate those spaces, clearing out the clutter, moving furniture around and creating more versatile living areas for your family. Which items hold significant importance to you? Make sure they are a focal point where they sit and are featured in your life story.

Repurposing furniture and moving it from one room to another is a great way to transform two living spaces at once. The tired old table that is just hanging around the garage could find new life in your home office, while the empty storage shelves in the garage could be better used in your child’s bedroom.

Sometimes the only thing your rooms want is less stuff, and a little minimalism can go a long way. Clearing out the clutter could actually make you money; the extraneous stuff filling up those rooms could find new homes and willing buyers, through online auctions, social media swap meets and other sales venues.

If you want to spruce up your living spaces and give your old rooms new life, why not start at the source? If you listen carefully and open your mind, your home will tell you what it needs. Armed with that information, you can begin the transformation process, building a better and more spacious home in the process.

If you’re stuck and need help in visualizing what your space could look like, contact us at CIH Design. She’ll prepare complete photo realistic renderings of her design schemes to enable you to completely visualize your finished project before it begins.


Image credit: Marc Osborne/ iStock/ Getty Images Plus