CIH Design Rendering

The Trump Tower on Fifth Avenue is a 58-story glittering glass tower with a prominent address and a distinctive design. The multi-faceted design creates an abundance of corner windows that offer breathtaking views of New York City, Central Park and the rivers.

CIH Design recently begin conceptualizing the interior design for a 2-bedroom condo in this grand tower. Our client wanted a comfortable space with clean lines and a masculine feel. Designer Shelly David used a neutral palette with plenty of metallic and reflective accents to create a modern space that maximizes the natural light.

The bedrooms feature earthy tones and wood finishes that counterbalance the expanse of concrete and metal seen outside. The addition of large mirrors and metallic artwork reflects light and makes the rooms feel larger. The bed frames and three-dimensional artwork add texture and create interest without feeling busy or cluttered.

The open living-dining area offers magnificent views on both sides, while the oversize mirror in the dining room tricks the viewer into thinking there’s another large window in the room. The mirror also reflects plenty of light to offset the dark walls and furniture. Metallic accents on the chairs and coffee table provide contrast and add a touch of shine.

The large artwork in the dining room provides the inspiration for well-placed pops of color in the living room. The artwork over the couch continues the color from the large piece and draws the eye across the room to the impressive view of Central Park.

Now is the time to renovate your Trump Tower condo. As newer buildings become available, a fresh new design will ensure your space remains one of the best in the city. Contact CIH Design today to discuss your Trump Tower or 220 South Central Park interior design. No matter where you are located, our designers can work with you to create a space that welcomes you upon arrival.