Moving into your own living space is an exciting achievement. Residing in an apartment or loft is a great way to achieve your dreams of independence. Once you have been able to settle in and establish a routine, you may be interested in making your surroundings feel like your personal space. Here are easy ways that you can transform a plain space into an oasis featuring an interior design that fits your preferences and reflects your personality. You want to feel like you are home when you walk into your apartment, and the strategies below will make the space very welcoming.

Select statement lighting.

The light in a room can contribute to the ambiance and encourage inhabitants to adopt a certain mood. You can use lighting sources for functionality and decoration. For your bedroom, a strategically placed lamp can allow you to read at night or illuminate the room with a dim light source. Lights on the tables in your living space can ensure that you use light as a design element.

Incorporate your favorite scents.

There are certain scents which evoke specific responses from people, and you should utilize familiar smells to make the space feel cozier. You can use candles, diffusers with essential oils, and flowers to feel comfortable in your apartment. Of course flowers pack an extra pop of color and intrigue, too!

Use accessories that reflect your style.

When you have a specific type of interior design that you really enjoy, there are many ways to incorporate the essence of the style into your apartment. You can choose furniture that is consistent with your favorite style. Small pops of color from accent pillows or artwork can anchor the space and echo the themes you have selected.

Display family mementos and favorite travel collectibles.

Pictures of your family members and important items from your life can allow your personality and background to take center stage in your apartment. With meaningful items displayed around the apartment, you will immediately feel at home because you are surrounded by important reminders of your family. As you incorporate sentimental pieces into your overall design, you will make the place your own and put your mark on the space. No matter what size your living area is, CIH Design is available to put a one-of-a-kind design within your space. You deserve a design that is unique and we’d love to help you make it a respite and reflection of you.


Image credit: MattSchia / iStock / Getty Images Plus