Incredible interior design doesn’t happen by chance. Many people assume interior design isn’t challenging or it isn’t worth the money of hiring a professional. Many homeowners are also on the fence about hiring an interior designer because they’re intimidated. If you’re planning a major design overhaul, consider the following reasons to make an interior designer part of your team:


Saving money

It always seems counterintuitive to spend money to save money. Interior designers work with a wide range of budgets and understand where every dollar is going, giving you the best value possible. When you maximize your budget, you’ll save on areas of lesser priority, freeing up funds to splurge on design elements of most importance to you. A good interior designer will also save you costly mistakes, such as buying a paint color you don’t love or purchasing furniture that doesn’t fit right in the space.

Saving time

Interior designers understand what needs to get done and will create a realistic time table for accomplishing everything. In addition to having a professional work efficiently, you’ll have someone going to bat for you to arrange logistics, avert crises, and much more. They’ll also be able to anticipate challenges that will inevitably arise along the way, allowing them to steer clear of major disasters.

interior design

An interior designer can make the difference between disaster and delight!

Assistance with budgeting and planning

Interior designers are involved in every step of a home project from creating the initial budget to getting the final décor pieces in place. With proper budgeting and planning from the start, the entire project will go more smoothly. Resist the urge to hire an interior designer for the design portion of the work to save money. Having a designer from day one will prove beneficial and will save you more money.

Gaining access to a wider range of design resources and contractors

Professionals have access to a wealth of industry-specific resources that aren’t available to the general public. Interior design is no exception. Reputable interior designers are well connected and have a list of preferred contractors, plumbers, and electricians they trust. With a wider range of designer options, you’ll create a unique, personalized aesthetic that isn’t possible when you select solely from big box resources.

Having a strong go-between with architects, contractors, and building owners

Seasoned interior designers have worked with the same professionals on multiple projects. They have a mutual trust and understanding, which is invaluable for their clients. You don’t have to convince your architect or contractor that your interior designer is solid because they’ve worked with them previously. You’ll also have an industry professional relaying your budget and design preferences to the workmen completing the job, minimizing the risk of miscommunication and consequently, work having to be redone.

Receiving professional knowledge base, assessment, and execution

Interior designers provide a wealth of knowledge to their clients. While many homeowners are diligent and well-intentioned with their interior design endeavors, they’re more likely to mistakes, due to lack of experience. When you hire a designer, you’ll receive professional assistance throughout the entire project, ensuring the work gets done without a hitch, and every detail is thought through carefully.

Receiving objective opinions

When it’s your home, it’s hard to be objective. Interior designers provide a healthy balance throughout a home design project by taking their clients’ design wishes into consideration without letting personal bias affect their decisions. It may not always be easy to hear these options, but it will help you achieve your desired result as smoothly as possible.

Helping you think outside of your go-to color combinations, fabrics, etc.

Everyone has color combinations, fabrics, and other design preferences they gravitate toward naturally. Sticking to your go-to design elements is limiting and results in a home without much variation or character. An interior designer will present a much wider range of design possibilities, helping you to create a look you wouldn’t have been able to create that still fits with the rest of the home.

Having insight into the latest architecture and home design trends

Interior designers attend conferences and workshops and network with fellow interior designers to stay informed about the latest architecture and home design trends. You want to avoid creating an aesthetic that’s so trendy it will look outdated in five years. However, you also don’t want to redesign a room and have it immediately look out of style. Getting professional insight into the latest trends will help you create a fresh look. If you’re planning to sell your house in the near future, this element is particularly important.

Getting a “wow” factor

Anyone can buy a sofa and a few pieces of art for a living room. The new pieces might not even look half bad and would give a tired living room a refresh. A professional interior designer goes beyond a simple refresh and creates a “wow” factor in a living space. The result is a room that tells a story, inviting loved ones into your home and letting them know more about you.

As you begin your search for an interior designer, solicit recommendations from family and friends. If you know a loved one recently hired a designer and was happy with the work, find out who they hired. On the flip side, you may also learn of designers who don’t have great recommendations within your community, which is just as valuable.

It’s easy to assume hiring an interior designer is one more unnecessary expense in an already expensive project. The right designer will save you money, execute the process more smoothly, and create a customized look sure to impress family and friends.

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