CIH Design recently completed another successful interior design at 721 Fifth Avenue in New York city. This magnificent tower features a distinctive design that offers impressive floor-to-ceiling windows with spectacular views.

New York City Interior Design

When designing high-end interiors for luxury New York condos, CIH lead designer Shelly David loves to use rich textures and finishes while allowing the remarkable views to take center stage. This lavish living room features a mix of traditional and contemporary pieces with glass and metallic accents to add sparkle and reflect light.

The neutral cream and gray color palette is soothing and relaxing, providing a welcome retreat from the bustling city. The clean lines and vertical architectural features mimic the tall buildings outside the window, while the placement of the furniture draws the eye across the room to the stunning views.

Strategic use of mirrors that reflect the views from outside help brighten the dining room and create the illusion of additional windows. Bold, vibrant artwork adds color and provides a striking interior focal point.

Luxury Interiors

The master bedroom follows the same calming neutral color scheme found in the living room. The use of shimmering metallics and a variety of textures brings the space to life. The plush throw, studded headboard and embossed carpet add interest and give the room a luxurious feel. Turquoise accents echo the blue skies outside the window and help frame the impressive city view. Another strategically placed mirror reflects the sky and makes the room feel more expansive.

The guest room features a mix of modern metallics and bright pops of color to create a welcoming space. The metallic bedframe is both reflective and textured and makes a gorgeous focal point for the room. A cream and acrylic chair sits by the window to provide a cozy reading nook without distracting from the view.

Contact CIH Design for complete interior design services for your Trump Tower or 220 Central Park South condo. Our designers can provide photorealistic renderings that allow you to view and approve your entire design without ever having set foot in the space. With over 25 years of experience designing luxury interiors in New York and around the world, Shelly David will transform your home into a space you love.