CIH Designer Shelly David has experience designing modern interiors in major cities all over the world. From Honolulu, to Singapore, to New York City, CIH Design has developed stunning interior designs for discerning clients from around the globe.  New York City presents its own design challenges due to the need of making the most of limited square footage yet producing a big impact.

Small Space Design

Developing a cohesive look that is both beautiful and functional requires a skilled touch when dealing with a small space. When designing high-end interiors for big city condos, every piece of furniture has to serve a purpose.

The secret to small space design is to actually use bigger furnishings. A few functional pieces that complement each other in scale will make an impact and make the space feel larger.  Pieces that work double duty such as nesting tables or storage ottomans are even more desirable when space is limited.

A consistent color palette also helps reduce visual clutter.  Even toned rooms with unified colors feel more spacious than they are.

This Trump Tower living room uses minimal color with a few bright accents to offset the dark tones. Unifying color on the walls and furniture reduces visual distractions.  Each piece of furniture has a function and the nesting tables can be moved for additional side tables when needed.

When working with a reduced color palette, texture is the key to creating interest and preventing the space from feeling flat.  The linen couch provides contrast to the smooth leather chairs and bench. The chrome legs on the chairs and table reflect light and add sparkle.

Open sight lines also make a room feel more spacious.  If you’re lucky enough to have big windows like this Trump Tower apartment, low profile furniture will allow natural light to flood the room.

Inspired by the City

New York City is an energetic hub of culture and activity. Drawing inspiration from the exterior surroundings is one of Shelly’s secrets to great interior design.  Playing up exterior elements makes a space feel connected to the outdoors and draws the eye to the impressive views.

The combination of natural and manufactured materials reflects the split views of the park and city. In the living room, wood flooring, leather chairs and the linen sofa balance the granite tabletops and chrome legs for a mix of natural and industrial.

The guest bedroom features an oversized headboard that mimics the buildings seen outside the window. The multiple mirrors reflect light and make the space seem larger. Although the room is very monotone, the combination of textures adds interest and makes the room come to life.

Luxurious New York Interiors

Designing interiors worthy of prestigious addresses such as Trump Tower or 220 Central Park South requires unique, quality furnishings and finishes.  Not only does the design have to stand out among tough competition, it has to hold its own against the stunning views and lavish amenities. Utilizing rich, opulent materials creates a luxurious interior that helps soothe the soul after a hectic day in the city.

Granite, hardwood and gleaming metallics all work together to create a space that feels worthy of the prominent location.

220 Central Park South

If you’re looking for your own piece of New York real estate, 220 Central Park South is about to become Manhattan’s newest luxury residence.  Whether you live in the city or elsewhere in the world, CIH Design has the skills, tools and experience to provide complete turnkey designs that reflect your personal style.  Contact CIH Design today, to start creating your dream home in the city that never sleeps.