Spring is here! I love spring. Why? Spring is often synonymous with color, and color is one of my favorite tools when setting the tone and mood of a room. Despite all chaos of COVID19, this year shouldn’t be any different. In fact, an injection of color in your life can help boost your mood and brighten your home during a time like this.

How Does Color Affect Your Disposition?

Color can saturate your psyche with good vibes and excitement. As an interior designer, I’ve invested my career in the power of hues and vibrancy. And why not? Life should be filled with brightness and passion. But how does color actually impact your mood?

The saturation, brightness, and hue of color create psychological effects. Colors that are bright but not extremely saturated can have a calming effect, while colors that are highly saturated but less bright can energize you. This is often because our minds create associations with certain colors. These associations can range from temperatures to nature and sunshine. These associations have a profound yet subconscious effect on our moods.

Color Choices to Lift Your Mood

Calm and Tranquility

If you’re looking for some reprieve from the commotion of the day, you’ll want to choose colors that are calming. These are often less saturated in pigment but bright.

Creams, soft blues, and sage are ideal for a calming space to unwind at the end of the day.

Pairing creams with light greens can create an earthy and botanical atmosphere. Add some vibrancy to this color scheme with some house plants and woven basket accents. Add even more comfort to your spot to relax with extra throw pillows.

Energized and Ready to Take on the World

Want your room to motivate you and add a bit of energy to your daily life? Choose warm colors like oranges, yellows, and reds. Combine these bright colors with metallic accents and pair these bright colors with neutrals to keep the room energetic but not clutter with color.

If you want to add that pop of energy without committing to painting a wall, add a few vases of fiery blooms or try out some yellow curtains.

Creative and Productive

If your home is suddenly also your office, you may feel a slump in creativity or productivity. Greens and blues are calming but ignite the imagination and originality. They also help stir positive communication which can help you when it comes to wording those emails and chatting on those digital meetings.

Improve your office or workspace with a few coats of quiet blue or soft and subtle green. Hanging some artwork with bold colors and graphic lines.

If your job requires you to be fresh, bright, and pushing the boundaries of your creativity, embrace a bold and daring bright yellow.

Cozy and Comfy

When it comes to comfort, you want to choose colors that create intimacy and warmth. Because highly saturated colors tend to make a space feel cozier, you’ll want to choose a paint color that is both rich yet subdued in tone. Mustard, umber, and rust orange, all offer warmth and comfort. These work well for shared living spaces such as your living room, dining room, and den.

Focused and Tidy

Keeping plenty of white space with some bursts of orange, peacock blue, and lime green can help you focus on your tasks. Bright, bold colors can also make a room feel tidy when used in moderation and strategically.

To achieve this balance of bright white and color, keep your walls white and furnishings neutrals. Then add small explosions of color in your accents like your artwork, pillows, and vases.

A Bright Idea to Boost Your Mood: Add Color to Your Life

Use your idle time to bring color into your home and elevate your mood. Turn drab into fab and embrace the right colors for your life. Remember that hues are tools for achieving the right tone and purpose for every room.