The benefits of nature are endless. From reducing stress and improving cognitive function to giving your body a dose of oxygen, being immersed in the beauty of the outdoors is unbeatable. It’s no wonder so many people began gardening during COVID-19 and collecting unique and fun indoor plants. Reflecting nature in your home is a great way to enjoy the benefits of nature from the comfort of your home. If your home needs an infusion of nature, try some of my top tips that provide you with a breath of fresh air in your abode:


1. Go Big with Your Indoor Plants

When it comes to your houseplants, a little goes a long way, but a lot goes even further. Keeping a variety of species can really liven up your home and give your space some personality. Consider a variety of sizes, shapes, colors, textures, and potting styles. Don’t forget hanging plants.

2. Embrace Natural Light

Ditch the heavy curtains for thinner sheer fabrics. This will let the sunlight flood your space and boost your mood. Consider fabrics that breathe like linen, gauze, and burlap. Opening the windows for a breeze never hurts, either.

Don’t skip candles in the evening. The natural dance of the flame and warm, soft light can feel like a relaxing hug at the end of a long day.

3. Use Natural Textiles and Elements

When it comes to feeling at one with the Earth, surrounding yourself with beautiful, natural fibers is key. From grass mat wall treatments to woven seats and live-edge surfaces, these elements will extend nature’s ambiance throughout your space. When in doubt, opt for real wood. Often the older, the better, as well.

4. Go Green

Shades of green and other botanical colors will help you reconnect with the natural world. While you won’t be in the forest or jungle, your spirit will feel free and calm. Don’t be afraid to go deep and balance it with lighter sages, creams, and neutral tones. Floral colors also pair well with verdant hues.

5. Soften the Edges

How often do you see cubes and rectangles in nature? You don’t. This is why organic shapes and lines better reflect nature in a subtle homage to the beauty of the outdoors. Choose furniture and art with fewer geometric shapes and more curves and undulating lines. 

6. Decorate with Objects from Nature

From floral arrangements to graphic twigs, bringing treasures home from your outdoor outings can liven up your home. They also are a great way to bring you back to your adventures with just a second’s glance. I love this tip, too, because it creates a new outdoor experience for people, as well. You become a hunter-gather of beautiful and wondrous items.

Don’t forget to pick flowers from time to time, too.


Bring Nature Into Your Home

Want to reinvent your space and reconnect with nature within your home? We can turn your home into a refuge from the hustle and bustle with an infusion of the natural world and elegant interior design. Life’s too short to not enjoy your home to its fullest.