In a commercial space, imagination is imperative to creativity and ingenuity. For the Moonacy Music Room, CIH Design collaborated with AWH Architects in Minneapolis, on a commercial design project to create the ultimate music space. Developing a “four elements” theme for the music room, with features that evoke fire, earth, air and water, the 3200 square foot living space came to life.

Because this is a music space, every inch of the space needed to be considered for its impact on sound absorption. For studio guests to be able to carry on a conversation when a band is playing, surrounded by a vivid color palette of turquoise, orange and red, is electrifying. It was thrilling to do something creative, out of the box. For the first time, I was working with someone with wilder ideas than me. Usually, I have to rein it in, but she’d top it off.

At CIH Design, we always talk about how details matter. In this commercial design project, we wanted to convey a feeling of being underwater. Step into the room and the ominous theme from “Jaws” begins to play. To your right is a 4- by 6-foot glass panel with the moving image of a swimming shark. In front of you is a pedestal sink, lit to emanate a blue glow, while all around you are shimmering mosaic tiles made of seashells. Look up, and you’ll see pinpricks of fiber-optic light on the ceiling. It looks like stars sparkling on the surface of the water. Details were planned down to the most minute, and the overall effect is simply stunning and wildly imaginative. See more of the design here:

Music Studio


Jan Edwards
A member of Nashville’s SongTownUSA, Nashville Songwriter’s Association International (NSAI) and Minnesota Association of Songwriters (MAS), and The Recording Academy (Grammy’s), Jan Edwards is a singer/songwriter. Having lived in Nashville for a period of time, she still has ties in Music City while living in her hometown, Minneapolis. Jan’s latest project is an album, titled Right Here, that spans her broad life experiences in an eclectic, but approachable, hybrid country style. Her newest endeavor is a private performance space at her home in Minneapolis called, Moonacy Music Room.
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