Modern Coastal décor is the quintessential Southern California design style. Often referred to as California Coastal, this light, breezy look is both comfortable and elegant. With its clean lines and well-appointed furnishings, it’s no surprise that modern coastal continues to hold its place as a Los Angeles interior design staple.

Modern coastal interiors evoke feelings of the beach without being kitschy. The style embraces natural light, crisp whites and soft hues, all while putting comfort and luxury at the forefront of the design. Here are a few tips to help you get this relaxed and modern look in your home.

Bring Natural Elements Indoors

Part of the allure of coastal design is how it creates a connection to the outdoors. Living and dining rooms that open up to expand your living space are more popular than ever. But you can still create a feeling of being at one with nature even if you don’t have a lot of outdoor space. The secret is to embrace natural light and to use materials inspired by nature in your décor.

This serene bedroom in Honolulu’s Waiea Tower incorporates a multitude of natural wood elements. The pale hardwood floors mimic the sandy beach outside the window while the wood chair, credenza, and headboard help make the room feel like an outdoor escape.

To create that beachy feeling indoors, it’s important to maximize natural light. Make large windows the focal point of the room by choosing low-profile furniture and minimal window coverings. Highlighting windows will help create a seamless transition between indoors and out.

A Coastal Color Scheme

The goal behind coastal décor is to create a bright, airy space that evokes a feeling of the beach whether you can feel the ocean breeze or are miles away in the city. A light, soft color palette is the foundation for California coastal interiors.

White walls are hot right now and they are the perfect way to help brighten a space and reflect natural light. Complement your white walls and furnishings with sandy beiges and soft watery blues and greens for a breezy coastal color palette. Add in warm wood and reflective surfaces to complete the look.

This Honolulu living room pulls its color scheme from the impressive views outside. The result is a welcoming ocean-inspired retreat.

Edited Décor

A well thought out modern coastal interior should feel relaxing, open and airy. Clutter does not conjure feelings of open spaces and can quickly turn a tranquil space into a stressful mess. Create a calm aesthetic by using fewer accent pieces and editing out unnecessary furnishings or décor. Look for items that bring the beach to you such as wood carvings, natural stone accents, or lovely beach glass pieces to add interest without creating clutter.

Interior Design for Your Los Angeles Home

If you’re interested in turning your home into a welcoming and stylish coastal retreat, Shelly Dávid and the CIH design team can help. Contact us today for complete interior design services for your Los Angeles home. From concept development right through to final approval and installation, our team will ensure your LA home or investment property is everything you imaged.