We live and work in an age of “speed of light” technology and communication, and we love how this allows us to connect with clients on a global scale. Since, interior designer at CIH Design specialize in turn key projects, such as one of our  Ward Village condo designs for a client in Honolulu at Waiea a few years ago, we had never met in person.

Our client lives in China, and technology made it possible for us to work together virtually. He loved our interior design work so much that he hired us for his new condo at Millennium Tower in Boston. We finally met (in real life!) after we finished designing the interior space of the Boston condo. No matter where you’re physically located in the world, CIH Design is available to work virtually with you as well!

How a Client in China and an Interior Designer in Honolulu Came Together

After we discussed plans for the client’s condo at Waiea, our Honolulu interior design team emailed him photo realistic renderings and got his approval to begin the project. The client was especially impressed with the yellow accents in the living room and other spaces of his condo in the Ward Village of Waiea. In fact, he felt so delighted with the results that he invited us to fly to Boston to develop a complete turn key plan for his new condo at Millennium Tower. For the second time, the interior design team from CIH prepared a plan and photorealistic renderings for this client’s approval. They quickly implemented the plan and designed the entire interior of the Boston condo. This included adding soffits for lighting, developing a lighting plan, furniture, and draperies. Our design team finally met the client after the completion of the condo in Boston. He was once again delighted and stated he would recommend CIH Design to anyone. You can view our interior design work for yourself here.

What Can You Expect from Our Turn Key Projects?

Our turn key projects include everything that you would need to feel right at home.  This includes:

  • Sheets
  • Towels
  • Linens that we wash and put in place
  • All dishes and cooking utensils
  • Bathroom supplies and accoutrement
  • All accessories
  • Books
  • Flowers
  • Vacuuming
  • Cleaning Supplies
  • Professional cleaning prior to your arrival

At CIH Design, it’s our goal to bring your vision for luxurious living space to full fruition. We maintain offices in Hawaii, Los Angeles, and Hong Kong, but can work with you from nearly anyplace in the world. Please contact us today so we can help make your interior design dream a beautiful reality.