Luxury interior design is often considered an integral part of the Los Angeles lifestyle. With its vast collection of stunning homes, it’s only fitting that LA interiors are as beautiful as the exteriors. While there is no secret formula to creating luxurious interiors, there are a few principles and guidelines to help achieve the right aesthetic.

Luxury interior design takes the basic elements found in every home and elevates them with custom details, quality materials, and rich finishes. When designing high-end interiors in Los Angeles or around the world, CIH Design prides itself on creating homes that are both beautiful and inviting. Here are a few ways we create luxury interiors for all our projects.   

Comfort is the Ultimate Luxury

No matter how beautiful a piece of furniture is, if it isn’t comfortable it won’t serve a purpose. Your home should be a place to relax and enjoy time with family and friends, and your furniture should support that goal. This living room in Honolulu’s Waiea Tower features high-quality pieces that are both attractive and inviting. The tufted sofa and padded chairs provide comfortable seating and still fit with the streamlined aesthetic.

Luxury Design is Quality Design

When choosing pieces for a luxurious Los Angeles interior design project, we always start with high-quality materials. We want furniture and finishings that are going to last and look good for years to come. This gorgeous bathroom in Boston’s Millennium Tower features stunning marble and granite finishes and a modern freestanding tub. The combination of well-built pieces and the very best materials will result in classic interiors with timeless beauty.

Texture is Luxurious

Using a rich combination of textures is the secret to taking a design from ordinary to outstanding. Texture adds depth and interest to a room and truly luxurious interiors beg for you to reach out and touch them.

This moody bedroom in Honolulu’s Anaha Tower is a perfect example of a room that uses texture to increase luxury. From the woven pillows to the studded linen wallpaper to the plush throw, everything in the room offers a tactile experience.

Attention to Detail

It’s the details that set luxury interiors apart from the average home. Form and function are paramount when it comes to choosing pieces that are both beautiful and will enhance quality of life. Our lead designer Shelly David likes to use furnishings that are specifically designed for each home. This ensures that every piece is the right scale and proportion for the space. It’s also important to take how each piece will be used into consideration.

This exquisite sitting area features low profile furniture that doesn’t interfere with the stunning views. The sideboard mimics the city buildings in the background and draws the eye outward. The mirror and sculpture were chosen for their ability to reflect light and add interest without competing with the view.

At CIH Design, we believe in creating the highest quality interiors for our clients. We also know that luxury is timeless and will never go out of style. Contact us to find out how we can elevate your Los Angeles interior design and create the luxury home you’ve been dreaming of.