Los Angeles has a certain flair that I’ve never found in any other city. The slight saltiness in the air, the way the mountains embrace hillside homes, and the effortless beauty of the passersby: L.A. both inspires and invigorates. I think part of what inspires me most about this amazing city is its layers. Or maybe it’s the ineffable excitement of landing in LAX. 

If Los Angeles ignites your imagination and creativity, too, let that energy guide your next interior design project.

Embrace the Avante Garde

L.A. is all about the surprise and excitement of interior design innovation. And there’s no reason to shy away from the inventive when it comes to your home. Let your imagination run away from you. Dream about wild ideas, bright colors, and one-of-a-kind patterns. Then combine them. 

Find a fun, funky, and distinct wallpaper. 

Don’t be afraid to be bolder than your neighbors. Your home is a reflection of what you care about most, and looking to L.A. as your muse is an excellent direction to go in.

Create a Space that Stirs Conversation

The amazing people that make up this city are as unique as our landscape. Embrace the L.A. pioneers you consider your friends and family by devoting a space in your home or business to them. 

When designing for a business space, create the ambiance of a laid back coffee-shop style nook where clients and your loved ones can relax. Inviting clients and potential clients as guests in a relaxing setting makes your business feel more welcoming. And the laid back atmosphere isn’t just comfy, it’s quintessential L.A. 

As for a gathering spot in your home, keep the furniture plush, comfortable, and inviting. You can encourage even more tranquility and ease with soft but unique lighting options, fun fixtures, and eclectic seating choices.

Enjoy a Breath of Fresh Air

Light, bright, and minimal can turn your space into a sanctuary in the city. We have some amazing spas, yoga spots, and art galleries in L.A. If a spot to do yoga, read, and relax excites you, go for it. Use clean lines, real wood, and live plants.

Choose calming neutrals and metallics. Tuck away the excess and allow room to breathe with floor space–minimalism allows ideas and positive energy to flow. 

Embrace the Excitement and Energy of L.A. in Your Design

There’s no limit to where design inspired by Los Angeles can take you. Begin by scoping out your favorite spaces–take note of what you love about their choices. Then decide which layers of our city you want in your home and what you find excites your imagination the most. Be as unique as Los Angeles and inspire others with your individuality. 

Image credit: MattGush | iStock | Getty Images Plus