As 2020 continues to unfold, it’s easy to see that life’s too beautiful to not surround yourself with the things you love. I frequently get questions about how to personalize rooms with touches that hold emotional value. And Iove to encourage everyone to not hide those special possessions, pictures, and mementos. 

So, fill your home with items you love. Colors that warm your heart and inspire you. Want to avoid cluttering your home and looking like Grandma’s tchotchke shop exploded in your home? That’s not difficult, either.

1. It’s a New Year: Fill Your Home with Colors You Love

Whether it be salmon, evergreen, or raspberry, color energizes a room and sets the tone. If you love one particular color, don’t shy away from it. I promise you will smile every time you walk into your sunburst yellow bathroom. 

And while you will read endless ideas and rules–there really are no rules when it comes to color. But finding joy in your home matters. Wall color is one of the easiest things to change. So, don’t be afraid of commitment, not should you be afraid to be bold. 

It’s 2020! Can you see yourself kicking back, relaxing, and immersing yourself in your succulent green study? Go for it.

2. Wall Decor Can Be So Much More

Who said art and mirrors are the only things we can hang as wall decor? If you have a collection, show it off. All it takes is a little planning and cohesion.

When guests walk into your home, I bet they bee-line right to your prized possessions. 

A gallery wall of art mixed with three-dimensional objects can be breath-taking. Pair woven baskets with pottery on small floating shelves. Add in family photos or small heirlooms.  

3. Find Furniture You Love

When it comes to furniture, you’re making an investment. You’ll likely keep quality pieces for decades. So, be sure they reflect an aesthetic that makes your heart go pitter-patter. 

Not all pieces have to match, either. If you love your leather recliner but want to pair it with a sleek-lines mid-century sofa–go for it. You can use throw pillows and blankets in a similar color scheme to help them mesh.

4. What Do You Find Fun?

Do you love fresh flowers or have a passion for yoga? Incorporate those items into your home. As long as everything has a designated spot, your hobby items will look intentional.

  • Scatter flower arrangements throughout your house–you can never have too many. 
  • Leave books about the hobbies you love on the coffee table, nightstand, or in your guest room.
  • Use a mat rack to keep your yoga mat at your fingertips but still tidy.

5. Shelves Can Work Wonders

Use shelves when it comes to surrounding yourself with personal designs. Shelves are perfect for photos of your family, small curios you’ve collected throughout your travels, or an amazing orchid collection.

Finding a great shelving unit is easy. If you want floating shelves, they’re also easy to install, so you can even get your hands dirty with a little DIY. Just be sure you have a level.

Get started with a bright, beautiful, and unique room that reflects who you are.

Your life is too amazing to not surround yourself with elements of your personality that bring you joy. Take a moment and make a plan. Consider what you wish you could see every day and make it happen. Start with a fresh color and find a way to display all the items that make you smile. Most importantly, have fun!