Let Your Home Reflect Your Personality

Interior design affords us an opportunity to create the space to live the life and lifestyle that we envision for ourselves.  It is our own unique opportunity for self-expression.  Creative design sets the stage and tone for events and experiences as well as our everyday lives.  Surroundings do affect our emotions, stamina and mood.  Our homes and work environments can be transformed to be a reflection of our individuality and personality.  All it takes is some imagination and design transformation.

Need Inspiration? Check Out This Music Room in Plymouth, Minnesota 

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Jan Edwards is a singer and songwriter who wanted her new addition on home to reflect that fact. She also wanted a unique space to host concerts, song-writing workshops, and fundraisers related to the music industry. For this, Edwards turned to Shelly David of CIH Design based in Honolulu, Hawaii, designers of  projects worldwide.  The David’s helped Edwards develop a theme for her incredible music room representing the four elements found in nature. It now has features that evoke images of air, earth, fire, and water.

Upon stepping into Edwards’ music room, guests can’t help but notice the 1,000-gallon built-in aquarium representing the element of water. Another focal point is the Magic Wall, consisting of a quilt of intriguing colors and textures.  Planar panels were integrated with computerized changing scenes that represent the element of air. Hence, donned the Magic Wall.  The wall design was created out of the necessity to cover acoustical tiles with something a bit more interesting than the standard options available.  It has been said that “necessity is the mother of invention”, and the Magic Wall is a perfect example of that statement. The music room’s bar represents fire. It has a lightning bolt motif and the appearance of burning embers from the underlit backsplash. Finally, the music stage itself represents earth with its chestnut barnwood and guitar cabinets made from cork.


CIH Design provided complete photorealistic renderings to assist in visualizing the finished effect. Their design work on the music room was featured in the Minneapolis Star Tribune in January 2016. Whether you have the desire to integrate a wildly imaginative room or a serene Zhen-like spa, CIH Design has the talent, diversity and resources to create the space of your dreams.  From sublime and serene, to colorful and exotic, we can design a scheme to suit your personal style, dreams and desires. Please contact us to initiate a conversation about your upcoming design project.