Interior Design with a Fresh Approach for Breathtaking Location

When it comes to Hawaii’s oldest island, not any design will do. The island is so rich with history, culture, and pure beauty. To match the exquisite opulence of the outdoors inside your home, you must first appreciate what makes the island of Kauai uniquely striking. The Kauai Modern Balinese Project embodies the airy, bright, and earthy elements of Kauai, but with a modern edge. 

What Makes the Kauai Modern Balinese Project One-of-a-Kind Kauai Design?

1. Hawaii Living Requires Impeccable Outdoor Space

The outdoor spaces at 4221 Anini Vista Drive are places where you can relax, enjoy the sound of the water, feel the breeze, and the visual impact of the landscaping. You will notice that each entrance and outdoor space borrows from nature. The manmade materials take a backseat to the natural materials, like the large limestone sectioned driveway and walkway with grass between each paver.

Even the organic lines of the lounge chair, overlooking the beautiful bay add to the natural aura of this design.

As for the deck, I selected low-back armchairs and glass for the banister to not obscure the best aspect of Kauai: the view.

2. Highlighting the History of Kauai is a Must

When you take a closer look at the Kauai Modern Balinese Project, you will notice the grass mat ceiling texture. This gives the space one more additional natural texture, but it also echoes the grass huts with thatched roofs.

You will also find the door and statues outdoors reflect the deep cross-cultural connection between Kauai and Bali. These pieces are bold, big, and unforgettable.

3. Outdoor Living, Indoors

You often hear “bring the outdoors in” and when designing at a site as pristine as Kauai, it would be a travesty not to. The striking landscape and natural beauty of Kauai inspire every inch of the interior design in this project. From the locally-sourced materials to the grass mat ceiling, earth tones and natural elements reflect this unique locale. 

The serenity of these neutral and natural elements makes the bursts of color and excitement pop even more. And, yes, I even borrowed those vibrant colors from the striking flora of Kauai.

Are You Looking for Fresh, Modern, and Breathtaking Kauai Interior Design?

If you live or own a vacation home or business in Kauai, we can work together to encapsulate the beauty of the island in your space. With digital renderings and remote collaboration, you can see your space before any paint hits the walls. Ready to dive into the best interior design in Kauai? Contact CIH now.