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Ward Village/Waiea Tower

Hawaii may be part of the United States, but it has an island culture all its own. Ward Village, a Howard Hughes project, reflects that culture tastefully and with modern flair. Billed as the perfect mix of island and urban living, Ward Village is a high end condominium community. The entire community sits between downtown and Ala Moana for a coastal living experience that can’t be beat.

A Community Like No Other
Anyone can move into a condo, but choosing Ward Village as your new home instantly makes you part of a community. The neighborhood features numerous walkways and outdoor spaces to gather with friends. You’re also privy to a unique line-up of entertainment venues and stores that embrace the modern Hawaiian culture.

Waiea Tower
The Howard Hughes Corporation broke ground on Waiea Tower, one of Ward Village’s luxurious condo buildings, in January 2014. Nearly three years later in November 2016, Waiea Tower is expected to be completed. It represents one of the most luxurious addresses in all of Honolulu. Even the governor of Hawaii and the mayor of Honolulu agreed at the time that it will be like nothing the city has ever seen.

Waiea is one of two planned condo developments in Ward Village with the other being Anaha. Both are geared towards high end, discerning clientele and represent a unique blend of collaboration among economic, political, and social influences throughout Hawaii.

CIH Design LLC has provided several options for turnkey furnishing packages that include photo realistic renderings of the modern designs that we created to reflect the aesthetic of Waiea Tower.

As with this project, CIH Design LLC handles all logistics and installation for our building projects. In addition, CIH Design can work with individual clients to create a custom design scheme to suit a client’s individual specifications and desires. Please contact us to learn more about Waiea Tower, Ward Village or to work with us for your own future project.