Your home should be your sanctuary, a place of peace, and a refuge from the outside world and stresses that come along with life. As we’ve seen, the need for a place of tranquility and calm is more important now than ever before. If you’ve become intimately aware that your home is lacking the fresh air and serenity you need, here are my favorite tips to achieve harmony in your Los Angeles abode.


1. Don’t Just Pare Down, Simplify

If you were like most, you probably pared down and pared down then organized and re-organized during the COVID quarantine. Yet you may not feel that tidy-high anymore. This may be because finding the Zen in your space has more to do with simplifying rather than just cutting back on belongings. To simplify, you must streamline how you live and interact with your space. This includes thinking about the process of your day and creating opportunities to focus on what’s most important and what’s used most often.

If your bathroom countertop is cluttered or your kitchen feels chaotic, spend a moment thinking about what you use most and where. If you have a favorite kitchen knife and only use the others on special occasions, store the others away. The same goes for your bathroom. Store products that you don’t use daily.


2. Make Space for What You Love

Are you still thinking about that scarf you decided to donate in a frenzy of order and organization? If there is something beloved in your life, make room of it to be enjoyed. That may mean displaying a silk scarf in a shadow box or over the arm of a wingback chair. If you’ve been wanting to read more, find a spot to display your books. Making space means giving what you love to do equal space in your home. If you practice yoga, be sure to leave room to be your fiercest warrior. And give yourself time to fully partake in what you love. This may mean putting off doing the dishes and instead,  lighting candles for meditation and setting a 15-minute timer while the baby is asleep. 


3. Create an Ambient Experience

Live in your home. Embrace the sounds, scents, and textures around you. If you feel like you’re lacking relaxation, candles, a bowl of fresh oranges, and some soft music can be a miracle. Don’t shy away from lux and rich fabrics when selecting throw blankets and pillows.


4. Meditate on Your Most Beloved Memories

Don’t store away all your mementos and photos. Bring a few out at a time to display throughout the house. And print those photographs hidden away on your phone–those memories are meant for more than just social media. 

After honoring your memories by exhibiting them throughout your home, don’t let them become background noise. When one catches your eye acknowledge it and give it a bit of your time. Let yourself journey back to the adventure. Reconnect to the spirit of the place, people, sounds, and more. 


5. Invite the Outside Indoors

Aside from opening your windows and letting a cool breeze dance across your living room, consider bringing the outdoors in with plants, natural light, and materials that come from the Earth. These items will help you feel grounded and centered in your home while connecting you to the scheme of life.


6. Find the Color of Your Happy Place

There’s no better time than right now to rethink the color of your interior. Bring the spirit of your home back to life with a fresh and fun color. Los Angeles is too exciting, too alive to ignore all the vivid and vibrant inspirations around you. Think about passion, energy, and light. Don’t be shy about your taste. Your home is your space–let it bring you joy.


Need Help Bringing Together Your Vision of Solace?

If your interior design isn’t hitting the right notes to make you feel calm, relaxed, and inspired, it’s time to enlist the help of an interior designer. I will bring my passion to your vision to help you achieve your dream space. Whether it be the perfect balance of energy and relaxation or a space that inspires art, I can use my years of experience and expertise to bring your dreams to life. If you’re looking for an interior designer that embodies Los Angeles, look no further.