Interior design for an island home is a little different than designing a mainland residence. Hawaiian interiors are all about bringing the outdoors inside. And with views that beautiful, it’s easy to understand why!

CIH Design offers over 25 years of experience designing luxury island interiors. Our portfolio includes projects in Honolulu, Maui, Kauai and Hawaii as well as spectacular interiors around the world. Lead designer Shelly David brings passion and energy to every one of her design projects.

Turnkey Design

CIH specializes in turnkey design projects and is fully prepared to handle every aspect of your new home’s design. From procurement right through to providing a stunning move-in ready home, Shelly and her team have the skills to make your vision become a reality.

No matter where you’re located, our team can work with you to create a design you will love. We supply photorealistic renderings that allow you to envision your design without ever having set foot in the space. We will also handle all logistics and final installation. All you have to do is “turn the key” and enjoy your beautiful new home.

Interiors that Blend with Nature

Imagine sitting in your home surrounded by the picturesque vistas of the Hawaiian Islands. The design of this living room in Honolulu perfectly reflects the landscape outside the window, creating an extension of the view outside.

The sideboard and artwork above it mimic the shape and color of the city buildings outside. While the light hardwood floors are reminiscent of the sandy beach below. The cobalt blue chair reflects the beautiful blue skies that are so common in Hawaii. Even the decorative glass accent adds to the effect, creating a replica of the mountain range in the background. The muted color palette offers a calming effect and lets the views steal the show.

This Honolulu bedroom almost feels as if it’s set right on the beach! Everything from the materials used, color scheme and placement of furniture creates an extension of the view beyond the window.

The artwork perfectly matches the aquamarine color of the ocean and features images that add to the outdoor effect. You can almost feel the sun rising over the mountains and smell the flowers on the beach. The touches of gold in each picture are highlighted by the gold accents on the table lamps and pendant light.

Incorporating natural materials such as the wood headboard, flooring and chair helps create a feeling of being in nature. The wooden sideboard adds texture and gives balance to the room.

If you prefer more subdued color schemes, you can still bring the feeling of the outdoors inside with patterns and texture. The waves in the artwork and pillows carry the waves of the ocean into the room. The beige tones on the bedspread and floor echo those of the sandy beaches outside and help offset the dark accent colors.

Custom Designs for your Hawaiian Home

Careful planning and attention to detail are the foundation of any design project. CIH Design takes pride in creating gorgeous custom designs for condos and private residences in the Hawaiian Islands. Contact us today to discuss how we can help create your dream island interior.