Home retailer Worlds Away recently featured the Waiea project on their website and advertising, and the air, light, and luxury of this project made me think about how we’re all missing a little vacation in our lives right now. The beautiful space at the Waiea Resort offers a high-end balance of elegance and sleek design that we could all benefit from during quarantine and beyond.

Whether you’re in New York, Los Angeles, or Tel Aviv, don’t you wish your space made you feel worlds away? Why not aim for all the beauty, comfort, and energy of a resort in your home?

Here are some of my favorite tips to achieve that high-end resort design:

1. Highlight What You Love About Your Home

What made you first fall for your house? Was is the way the natural light floods in through the slider that leads out to your lush and relaxing backyard or is it a unique architectural element like an original fireplace? This is where you should start when you’re aiming for a resort feel. You want to celebrate your space’s best feature while not distracting from it.

For example, at the Waiea Resort, your eye is immediately drawn to the beautiful view of the ocean and sky, which becomes the centerpiece of the room. I chose a unique but clear glass light fixture, white walls, and white and metallic chairs to complement this view.

Consider the focus of your room. If it’s an exposed brick fireplace, consider playing up the hearth with brick tones throughout the space and furniture that embodies the era. For capturing the viewing of a garden or yard, let light radiate into the room and keep your color scheme earthy and natural.

2. Don’t Forget the Color

How do resorts entice visitors to book a stay? With photography, of course. Color that pops in photos also excites guests in-person. If you want to capture the thrill and excitement of an exotic vacation, color is a must. Many people shy away from bright and bold hues in their home but I say “Go for it!”

Choose colors that reflect the tone and locale. Of course, Weaia has plenty of bright blues, whites, and tans to reflect the brightest of the beach, sand, and sunshine.

Remember to keep your color balanced with neutrals. If you’re working in a warm and wooded area, go for rich browns and tans. For that beachy coastal feel, you can’t go wrong with white.

3. Let the Lighting Lift Your Mood

Keep the curtains drawn and choose light fixtures that make a statement. When the sun sets at the beach, you bet resorts like Weaia still want to maximize and celebrate light. Additionally, part of the whimsy of vacation is being in awe of luxury. Unique light fixtures offer the one-of-a-kind style you want. Choosing the right light has the power to inspire and take the imagination to a faraway place.

Try a sputnik-style chandelier for some modern flair or vintage-inspired crystal chandelier for a more traditional look.

4. Invest in a Few High-End Pieces

A major part of achieving high impact in a room is selecting a few pieces that take your breath away. These are often the statement pieces of a room. You don’t have to buy a velvet pink sofa set. Instead, find a coffee table that makes you smile and is worth your investment.

Consider handmade pieces, original art, an antique or two, or a piece from a high-end shop.

5. Pare Back and Streamline

We go on vacation for adventure and a temporary escape from the hustle and bustle of our day-to-day lives. To bring that feeling home, don’t forget to provide plenty of hideaways for clutter. Keeping your space open, airy, and free of excess helps you relax. Often de-cluttering your space helps declutter the mind – and that’s something we could all use right now.

Display the items you love, but keep surfaces mostly cleared. Resorts often do this because it makes a space feel calmer, cleaner, and more lux.

We All Deserve a Vacation. Take One Without Leaving Home.

If you’re ready to tailor your space to your needs, aesthetic, and dreams, I’m ready to help you see your home’s potential. You may not be going on vacation this month, but working together to design your space can provide you with a breath of fresh air and a bit of relief. I’m available remotely and ready to help you embrace the potential of your home.