It’s easy to see how much I appreciate color. Not only is color one of the most powerful tools an interior designer can use, but it’s the easiest way to reinvent a room. Wall color dictates the mood of a room. It reflects the use of the room. And it reflects the homeowner’s personality. But when it comes to picking out a color, many people feel overwhelmed. Questions arise like “Is this color too dark?” “Is it too light?” “Does this color work with my furniture?” If this sounds like you, don’t stress. I’ve got you covered. 


Tips for Choosing the Perfect Wall Color


1. Look Through Home Magazines & Mark What You Like

When clients have trouble deciding on articulating their taste or what color schemes they like, I often suggest seeing what’s out there. Order a copy of Southern Living, Design and Home, or Interior Design. These will give you a great place to start. 

When thumbing through, look for the same type of room you want to paint, but don’t rule-out colors you love if they’re in a different room. For example, if you love an emerald green you saw in a kitchen, we can make the same color work in your bathroom or bedroom.

2. Consider the Purpose of the Room & Mood You Want to Evoke

One of the most important jobs of color is to set the tone of a room. When selecting a wall color, consider what activities and mood you anticipate while in that room. For rooms where you want to relax, consider softer colors and neutrals. Brighter and bolder colors evoke energy and excitement. Jewel tones are rich and can inspire creativity while colors from nature can be a great balance of energizing and relaxing. 

3. Pick Up Paint Swatches

After you decide on some colors you think you may like, head to the home improvement store for color swatches. Don’t be shy about getting as many as you want and need. You can even take risks and get colors you think may be bolder than you normally opt for.

When you get home, tape the color cards to the wall and walk away. Come back periodically throughout the next few days at different times, put Xs through any colors you decide you do not want and make notes of which you’re leaning toward.

4. Pull Out the Paintbrush

Once you have your colors narrowed down to a handful, get some paint samples to go up on the wall. Paint squares of about 10-inches in size to get a true feel for the color. Again, walk away.

Come back from time to time and see which colors are pulling at your heartstrings, mind, or both! 

5. Dive Right In

Don’t be afraid to paint once you’ve selected a color. One of the best things about paint is you can always change it in the future. Remember to have fun with your choice and live with it for a week or more before deciding if you want to re-paint.


What Wall Colors Do I Recommend for 2021?

The best colors make a statement but have longevity. My top color picks for 2021 include:

Jewel Tones:

  • Sapphire
  • Emerald
  • Onyx
  • Citrine

Ethereal Earth Tones:

  • Leafy Greens
  • Oceanic Blues
  • Red Earths
  • Browns and Tans

Near Neutrals:

  • Blush
  • Soft Sage
  • Camel

Amplify the Color In Your Life

After 2020, we all need a bit more color and joy in our lives. If you’re ready to refresh your home with a new hue or two (or seven), I’m ready to work with you. I continue to serve clients remotely and offer the latest 3D renderings to help you decide what design best fits your home, lifestyle, and space.