The holiday season fills your home with family and friends, good food and great scents. It also offers an opportunity to decorate for the holidays with a little more glitz and glamour than normal. As an interior designer, I love the opportunity to transform my decor with festive touches that make my home more inviting for the holidays.

A great way to keep your holiday décor feeling fresh each year is to select a theme and then personalize it by adding in cherished family decorations. By mixing up your style, your family and friends will look forward to seeing what each new holiday season has in store. Using beloved family decorations to customize current trends will keep long-standing family traditions alive.

The 2018 holiday season brings with it some exciting new décor trends. Try incorporating some of these ideas in your holiday decorating for a stylish update to your seasonal décor this year.

Vintage Holiday Decor

What’s old is new again with a resurgence of vintage and retro-inspired decorations. If you were lucky enough to inherit any of your grandparent’s holiday ornaments, this is the year to pull them out of storage! If you don’t happen to have a box in the attic, try thrift stores, antique shops, and garage sales. Vintage mercury balls are the perfect way to give your tree a nostalgic feel. Other popular vintage decorations include tabletop ceramic and bottlebrush trees as well as vintage Christmas villages.

Get Back to Basics with Natural Decorations

Long before the days of LED bulbs and artificial trees, holiday decorations were fashioned from natural elements. Think lush evergreen boughs and crisp white Birch branches adorned with lights. Incorporate flowers, berries, and citrus to add festive colors. To carry the “modern farmhouse” theme throughout your home, look for touches such as wooden or animal ornaments, hand-knit stockings, and plant-based wreaths and garlands.

Make Your Holiday Glitter with Festive Metallics

The holidays are going glam this year. Mixed metals are dominating home décor and holiday decorations alike. Deck your halls with a combination of gold, silver and copper ornaments to capture this luxurious trend. But don’t stop at ornaments. We’re seeing everything from gilded wreaths and garlands to glittering gold-toned tableware to festive metallic pillows and throws. And all those metallics will add extra sparkle when combined with holiday lights.

Go Modern with Geometric Decorations

Geometric décor has been gaining popularity this year and the trend has spilled over into holiday decorations. Adapt this modern, minimalistic holiday style with geometric decorations of all kind. Look for hanging ornaments, along with other holiday classics such as menorahs, wreaths, and wrapping paper.

Get the Holiday Blues

While red and white will always be the classic holiday color palette, holiday colors include a range of cool blues and rich jewel tones this year. Beautiful blue decorations are the secret to creating an indoor winter wonderland. To make this trend really work, combine a variety of different shades together. A combination of deep blues, with turquoise, pastel blue, and hints of silver shimmer will all work together to give your home a sparkling, soothing holiday vibe.

Light Up Your Decor

Creating a magical atmosphere with an abundance of lights is one of the best parts of decorating for the holidays. With the popularity of mini string lights, you can turn almost anything into a glittering holiday decoration. Add lights to garlands, wreaths, and plants to create a festive ambiance throughout your home. String lights in seasonal glass jars make cheerful lanterns to light up tables or welcome guests up the walkway. And don’t forget to include plenty of candles for that warm flickering light that feels so cozy on crisp winter nights.

Hopefully, one of these styles will spark your creativity and help you spice up your holiday decorating. Whatever style your holidays take, may they be filled with all the beauty and joy of the season. Happy Holidays from CIH Design!

Image Credit: Hdesert | iStock | Getty Images Plus