Finding Interior Design Inspiration in the Beauty of the Hawaiian Islands

CIH Design believes interior design in Hawaii should highlight the stunning island views while embracing the “Aloha Spirit”. Although the Islands boast an impressive history and vast culture, Hawaiians believe that the people are the true heart of the culture. A well-designed island home should not only look beautiful but should also reflect these beliefs.

Aloha Spirit in Hawaiian Interior Design

When it comes to Hawaiian interior design, we weave the Aloha Spirit into our designs by creating spaces that bring people together and encourage connection and communication. This Kauai residence features an open concept great room with a number of different areas for gathering. The central dining table features comfortable seating and allows for easy conversation with the cook in the kitchen. A large, oversized sectional encourages the whole family to watch a movie together, while a secondary conversation area offers a space to connect and enjoy the magnificent views.

Designing A Home That Embraces the Island Views

No matter where you live in Hawaii, the spectacular views really are the main attraction. When designing interiors for island homes, we always try to treat the view as the focal point of the room. This Maui remodel uses low-profile furnishings that leave a clear line of sight to the beautiful scenery outside. The furniture also features a neutral color palette that allows the impressive floor to ceiling windows to take center stage. The natural finishes and minimalistic decorations provide a distraction-free design that doesn’t compete with the views.

City Living, Island Lifestyle

Ward Village in Honolulu is one of Hawaii’s urban areas that boasts beautiful, modern condos with impressive views. CIH lead designer Shelly David loves to use bright blue accents in these spaces to draw the eye to the stunning ocean views. A collection of reflective surfaces helps reflect all the natural light of these bright and airy condos.

Turnkey Interior Design for Hawaiian Homes

Hawaii is a popular vacation destination and an ideal location for a second property. No matter where you are located, Shelly and her team will work with you to create a space you will love. Photorealistic renderings will allow you to see and approve all the details of your design even if you’ve never set foot in the space. From concept, through procurement, to installation, CIH Design is fully prepared to handle every aspect of your Hawaii home’s interior design. We will provide you with a stunning move-in ready home that highlights the vibrant Hawaiian lifestyle.