Designing with Pantone's Color of the Year

The holidays are an exciting time for designers. Not only do we get to decorate for the season, it’s also when we start talking about interior design trends for the new year. One of the most influential trends to be announced at this time every year is the Pantone Color of the Year. This year the color guru has chosen Living Coral as the color it believes will speak to us in 2019.

As an international interior designer, staying on top of current styles is important, but it’s equally important to avoid designs that are overly trendy. The ideal designs should reflect current styles but should also have staying power, so they don’t end up feeling dated. Sometimes the color of the year is a bit too trendy and doesn’t really work for creating timeless interior designs. But Living Coral is a rich, bold hue that adds warmth and interest to a room. It also works as a great compliment to blues and greens.

Nature is Always in Style

One of my biggest inspirations when planning a new design is the view outside the windows. When people ask me what’s in style, I say, “Look outside. Nature is always in style”. I like to incorporate colors that draw the eye to a beautiful view. Coral has long been a favorite choice to add vibrant pops of color to a room. When working on Island designs, it’s the perfect color to highlight a beautiful sunset and looks stunning with an aqua ocean backdrop.

Coral also pairs well with wood tones and skin tones, so it’s a winner in so many situations. The key to successfully incorporating such a vivid color into interior designs is to not let it overpower the room. I love using a deep coral in accent pieces and artwork to really brighten and warm up a space. Coral is also a great choice for adding warmth to a masculine room without making it feel too feminine. It’s a lively color that can bring a human element to a neutral palette. And it can also be used to create a striking focal point in almost any room.

Designing with Pantone Color of the Year

Designing with Living Coral

If you’re not ready to try out Living Coral on your walls, there are other ways to add a touch of it to your décor.  Coral accent pillows can brighten a sofa or bedroom. Whether you like geometric patterns, floral or solid colors, you’ll find plenty of options in the coral family popping up now that Pantone has dubbed it the Color of the Year. One of my personal favorite ways to incorporate this playful hue in my designs is to create a focal point with a bold piece of artwork. A beautiful flower print or bold abstract painting will grab attention and enhance a room.

Or contact CIH Design today to have us give your space a fresh new look and let us handle choosing the color palette. We’ll create a design that fits your lifestyle and highlights all the best aspects of your home. Good design is timeless, and we’ll make sure your home never goes out of style.