Shelly David is the lead designer at CIH Design and has worked to make countless clients’ homes look stunning, unique and inspired. With a focus on fashion-forward design, Shelly has proved her incredible level of skill time and time again with designs that constantly exceed expectations and give properties a fresh lease on life.

The Beauty Of Nature

Shelly is well known for being inspired by nature and adores traveling to exotic locations. It’s here that she conceives ideas for her creations that she brings forth when working with clients. Shelly frequently incorporates elements of rainforests, cliff faces and waterfalls from islands like Kauai in bringing new designs to life. As well as being inspired by scenes like this, Shelly uses a variety of natural materials such as bamboo and stone to create beautiful blended designs that embrace nature. Shelly has even been known to ensure shades and the palette of a design match an outdoor space from an ocean view to a bamboo jungle.

Separate From The Rest

Clients often discover that Shelly goes far beyond the work of other designers. Rather than just asking them what they want, Shelly creates stunning visual presentations, offering virtual immersion as part of the design process. By providing photorealistic renderings of their design clients are able to make informed decisions easily, no matter where they are geographically located.

As well as this, Shelly doesn’t just handle the design, she provides a finished space with everything from furnishing to accessories included in the final installation. She knows how important it is to choose the right fashion-forward pieces to complete a design and has a keen eye which allows her to bring everything together beautifully.

Importing Unique Items

Another way Shelly takes Island Design to the next level is by providing clients with unique items to ensure that their decor is completely original. Shelly regularly imports furnishings, lighting, fabrics and other accessories to provide an extra irresistible flair to the overall design. These unique pieces are always designed by world-class artisans from around the globe, ensuring clients get a space dressed to impress.

Working To Individual Needs

Shelly has always been passionate about design and is thrilled to be able to continue to work on fresh projects, delivering her astounding style services for island living. Whether she is embracing the beauty in nature or using the perfect colors and shades Shelly is always ready to create a brand new island paradise.

Award Winning Quality

Shelly has spent years working on incredible projects for countless clients all over the world from Singapore to Florida and Minneapolis to New York. Her designs have appeared on the front of magazines, and her work led to CIH Design being honored with the best Honolulu Award for interior design in 2018. When clients work with Shelly, they can be guaranteed the absolute highest level of care with their project and a commitment to designing the ultimate space for them.

Image Credit: Ameriphoto | iStock | Getty Images Plus