We each have our individual discerning design tastes and personal preferences about what makes high-quality interior design. But what counts as luxury interior design? CIH Design believes that luxury design is about carefully crafting every element of your room from start to finish. It’s about designing a place perfectly adapted to the user’s needs to create an atmosphere of comfort and relaxation. Above all, luxury interior design is about mixing functionality with form, so the room is both uniquely designed and exquisitely adapted to the customer. Here’s how CIH Design creates luxury Hawaii interior design for clients with discerning tastes.

Honolulu Interior Design: Luxury At Anaha Tower

Anaha Tower, Honolulu, is the perfect example of creating luxury and Waiea interior design in Hawaii. CIH Designs have bought the outside into the interior with Anaha Tower. Encapsulating a waterfront paradise, CIH Designs have cultivated blue and white wave-like walls, with abstract artworks conjuring images of the sea’s gentle swell. Even the rugs and wooden flooring intricately weave different swathes of color to capture the multi-toned hue of the ocean.

Thoughtful Decisions At Every Turn: Ward Village

CIH Designs believes that luxury interior design is about making thoughtful choices across every element of interior design. That’s why waterfront homes like those in Ward Village need to have refined and luxurious features incorporated across the layout, color scheme accessories, and furnishings. Through listening to clients and truly understanding what they want their interior to look like, CIH Designs can create thoughtful and coherent luxury interior designs that truly make each room in the home come together.

Turnkey Design For Clients in Hawaii

Our turnkey design plans allow us to create a photorealistic image of your final design scheme. That means we can get the full sign-off from our clients on all aspects before working on a project. CIH Designs also considers luxury interior design one which is entirely transparent to the client, so they know every element of what will be going into their home. Our carefully curated rooms are why we are considered the best interior design company in Honolulu.

Quality Home Furnishings in Hawaii

Luxury interior design is also about using quality home furnishings to curate a sense of both comfort and style. Whether you’re purchasing cozy throw pillows or choosing bed linens with a high thread count, selecting unique and sophisticated home furnishings will leave the room feeling modern, relaxed, and a place you’ll want to spend your time. CIH Designs can design traditional or modern room spaces with decor that slots smoothly into your property’s aesthetic. From Maui interior design needs to Honolulu homes, CIH Designs will be able to design a living space that suits your character.

Everyone has their unique sense of style, and what feels luxurious to some may not be to the taste of another. With CIH Designs, we cater to every possible design preference, from classic to contemporary. Speak to CIH Designs today to see how we can enhance your residential or commercial property space.