As you box up the baubles, take down the tinsel, and pack up the holiday ornaments, it may occur to you that your home feels a bit “blah” without the glitter and dazzle that comes along with holiday decor. But does it have to? Toss aside the winter mundane and let your design shine to brighten your winter interior with a few changes that will give your home the “wow” to wake up your winter.

How Can You Avoid the Winter “Blahs” and Ring in the New Year with Some Fresh Design Ideas?

1. Go Bold While Embracing Neutrals

Neutrals can bring a room together and create the perfect palette as seasons change. But neutral doesn’t have to be tame or boring. Bold black and white stripes can give your room an impactful burst of contrast. Contrast adds excitement and energy to a room while neutrals keep your design timeless.

Finding a range of tans and fawns can warm up your interior despite the cold temperatures outside. Burnt sienna, umber, and wood are the way to go.

2. Let Your Natural Side Shine Through.

Often winter can feel more lifeless than the other seasons, especially after you take the Christmas tree down and the poinsettia is past its prime. But don’t settle for design without a heartbeat. Bring in natural elements to liven up your space and help you feel more in touch with the outdoors, even if you’re snowed in.

Find natural centerpieces that pop. Include branches, berries, and bark for an inviting and natural winter motif.

Grow some plants inside. A miniature Meyer Lemon will give your home a tropical and exotic flair and you may even get some delicious lemons to boost your vitamin C levels.

3. Does Your Room Reflect the Brightest Light?

Winter can be dark. Even in the tropics. Take a quick survey of your room for light and reflection. Add a bit of glow and multiply the light in a room with reflective surfaces and metallics. Place a mirror in the darkest spot in the room to add light.

Check your lightbulbs, as well. If you use LEDs be sure they’re warm instead of cool to create a more relaxing and soft ambiance. Cool light can feel harsher and more sterile.

4. Get Cozy By the Fire

Whether you have a fireplace or votives, light those candles and stoke the fire for a bit of spectacle and intimacy. Candles and a fire offer a luxurious yet relaxing atmosphere. Add extra throw blankets and pillows and cozy up on the rug.

A fur or faux fur throw completes the experience and makes an unforgettable statement in your room.

Out with the Old, In with the New

Nothing helps beat the battle of the “blah” like shaking up your interior with some fresh pieces and paring back on decor that no longer ignites a bit of passion within you.

Find a few statement pieces that get your heart racing. Be bold and daring. Take a risk, and you’ll find your blues melting away.

Try a new wall treatment or a light fixture that brings forth your excitement and energy. Play with color and texture with some contemporary acrylic furniture.

Bye-Bye Winter Blahs! Hello, Oohs and Ahhs!

Take your design off ice this winter and warm up your interior with inspiring scenes of nature or the fresh new reflection of metallics and acrylic. Re-invigorate your space with neutrals that take your breath away and provide a timeless backbone for seasonal flux and change.