While the core principles of design remain the same, the goal of interior design for residential and commercial spaces is quite different. The needs of the client should always be the driving force behind any project, and residential and commercial interior design clients have very different needs.

Commercial vs Residential Design
A residential client wants a space that is functional, fits their lifestyle and expresses their personal tastes. Interior design for commercial spaces should reflect the brand and corporate image of the company while also meeting their operational requirements.

CIH designer Shelly David has over 25 years’ experience designing both residential and commercial spaces in Hawaii and abroad. The CIH Design team knows that commercial interior design necessitates a different approach when it comes to trends and decorative details. A commercial space should be cutting edge and stand out from the competition but shouldn’t be so trendy that it becomes dated quickly.

CIH Design works closely with our commercial clients to create unique spaces that are efficient, user-friendly, and highly memorable. We take space limitations and building code requirements into account to create commercial spaces that meet all of your business needs.

Each project begins with a fresh outlook to ensure your vision shines through in the design. From hotels and nightclubs to spas and music studios, CIH Design can create a custom commercial design that expresses your brand’s image and impresses your clients.

Commercial Interior Design Portfolio
When designing a real estate office in Maui, our designers used a soothing color palette and natural materials to create a calming atmosphere. Images of oceans and greenspace encourage potential buyers to dream of their new island home.
The Moonacy Music Room is a private music venue in Plymouth, MN, designed for hosting concerts, workshops and fundraisers in an outstanding setting. Shelly envisioned a lively and inspiring space that allows guests to get comfortable while focusing on the music. Following an elemental theme with different spaces that evoke fire, earth, water and air, the venue is a hit with all who visit.
A boutique hotel in Hawaii, features an ocean theme to remind visitors of their splendid island setting. Hallways are done in natural tones with pops of bright blue and wave imagery to guide guests back to the ocean. Rooms are luxurious with plenty of texture and more neutral colors, making the large windows the focal point of the space.

Amazing Commercial Interior Design
CIH Design is one of Hawaii’s top interior design companies. Our award-winning interior designer has over 25 years’ experience designing residential and commercial spaces in Hawaii and around the world. Visit our gallery to explore all of our contract and commercial portfolio images from CIH’s leading interior designer.