I never feel more inspired than spending time at the beach. As the waves wash onto the shore and the water reflects the light, I’m reminded of the beauty, elegance, and airy simplicity of coastal interior design. This relaxed but chic style is anything but nautical anchors, seashells, and sailboats. Coastal interiors embody the feeling of being beachside with restraint and sophistication. 


When I’m looking for that ethereal coastal flair, I’m often inspired by Mother Nature: the sound of the waves, the reflection of light off the water, the texture and color of sand, sunshine, and the ocean.


To get on board with coastal elegance, try some of these design tips:

Go Light and Bright


Imagine sitting on the deck, sipping lemonade, and basking in the brilliant glow the sun. That feeling of warmth and brightness can be captured in your home with the right lighting. 


Replace any heavy, thick lampshades with glass and open light fixtures. The reflective nature of glass replicates the shimmer and lightness of the ocean without any of the bulk and visual gravity of opaque shades. These will drench your home in light. 


When choosing bulbs, warm LEDs that mimic natural light.


Lanterns can also add natural light and a whimsical touch.


Reflective surfaces and mirrors can multiply and reflect light. Keep metallics in the silver family and choose reflective stonelike marble, quartz, and light granites.  


Wood and Other Natural Materials


Cotton, jute, and wood add both texture and natural refinement. Choose natural materials in the neutral family. Think tan, brown, white, and cream. 


To add more nature to your room, try 

  • A woven ottoman
  • Wicker accents
  • Carved wood pieces with simple lines
  • Real wood accent furniture
  • Driftwood 
  • Rope accents and details


That Coastal Color-Scheme 


Coastal design should feel fresh and light. White is the way to go. And you can’t have the coastal feeling without some bright blues and a couple pops of color. Avoid that classic nautical or navy blue. When choosing a blue think about the sky, the clouds, and crystal clear waters.


When choosing your pops of color, choose a few unique and simple decor pieces that embody sunshine and sand. Try yellows, greens, and everything in between. The transparency of colorful glass and create a symphony of color without occupying too much visual space.


Feel the Breeze with Coastal Interior Design


Why do Mother Nature and coastal design go hand-in-hand? Coastal design is timeless, fresh, and beautiful just like the natural world. Embracing the light, bright beauty of the ocean and seaside can bring the relaxation of the lapping waves and warm kiss of the sun to your home.