While some people love modern design, there’s also a reason classic interiors never go out of style. Trends will come and go, but traditional interior design continues to stand the test of time. This ageless style finds its roots in Italian, French and Roman history and brings architectural details and distinguished furnishings into focus.

CIH Design provides timeless home designs that reflect the individual tastes of each client. To create this look, our design team employs classic design principles that govern traditional design while incorporating personal touches. Each look is unique but also clearly rooted in classic style.

Let Interior Architecture Guide the Design

The best classic home design allows architectural details to take center stage. Ornate features such as decorative ceilings, scrollwork and carvings are the backbone of traditional interior design.

Classic architectural details like these gorgeous coffered ceilings create a strong focal point in a Houston estate. Bold lighting draws the eye upward and the contrasting paint colors help show off the architectural elements.

Signature Pieces with Classic Style

Complementing beautiful architecture requires sophisticated pieces that never lose their appeal. Our designers look for classic furnishings that are worthy of moving from house to house.

Traditional items such as wing chairs, a divan, or poster bed all offer that timeless feel. This mahogany and upholstered dining set in a Minneapolis home is a classic piece that helps set the tone of the room.

Strong light fixtures are a key feature that our designers use to enhance traditional style. Large chandeliers and ornate pendant lights used in non-traditional locations add interest to each space.

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Elegant Details

Classic interior design still allows room for individual style. Materials and finishes create signature looks unique to each design project. The key is to avoid fads and focus on cultured classics with bold patterns and rich colors and textures.

Traditional patterns such as damask and florals, combined with ornate details create a luxurious feeling space. Swag curtains, opulent wallpaper and lavish decorative touches all work together in classic interior design.

Despite the mix of colors and patterns, this Tel-Aviv home feels cohesive and grounded. The use of different colors creates a visual distinction between the living and dining areas while still maintaining an open feel.

When used together, these classic design principles form the basis for beautiful traditional interiors that never go out of style. This den in an exotic ranch estate features dramatic lighting, that draws the eye to the decorative ceiling. The sturdy leather chairs and round wooden table are classic pieces that demand attention even among the bold patterns and rich color scheme.

Custom Built working horse farm with European styled interiors, fabric and finishes.
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