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Los Angeles generates the most compelling, most innovative styles and fashion trends. With beautiful beaches, fabulous weather, and picturesque hills, it’s no wonder so many designers find themselves enamored with and inspired by this landscape where freeways intersect with Baltic-blues and graphic landmarks. There’s no doubt that L.A.’s blood runs hot with a cool classic rhythm that you can find in its unique style.

If you want to capture the excitement of L.A. in your interior design, you don’t have to maintain the lifestyle of the rich and famous. Here are some of our favorite simple and timeless ways to capture the essence of Los Angeles in your interior design for a home or business.

Capture the Tranquility of the Ocean

When you think of the ocean, you probably picture vast Pacific blues and the neutral, calming tones of sand. To replicate this feeling we say go bold, but balance it with airy neutrals.
Create an arresting design with broad sweeping strokes of bold colors. And no, you don’t have to limit yourself to just blues. To successfully utilize color that echoes the feeling of the ocean, try rich earth tones like evergreen and red clay. If you want that beachy hue marina-blues will do the trick.
These colors tend to pair well and make the most impactful statement when coupled with tans and white-based neutrals. To make your decor more timeless stick to neutral furniture and rugs.

Embrace the Excitement of the City

When it comes to embracing energy, you don’t need pop art or acrylic oversized photographs. While these can make a powerful statement, they can become be timely or dated as trends change. To create a fervor of excitement, think liveliness, lighting, and art. Find some one-of-a-kind art pieces at student shows, local art walks, and weekly art markets. This is a wonderful way to find originals with the energy of up-and-coming artists.
Add more lighting and experiment with different light fixtures and lamps. Try pairing metallics with your existing design to add a clean and modern touch to the room.

Invoke Awe with the Drama of the Mountains

Don’t shy away from contrast, statement pieces, and sharp lines. If you want to punch up the excitement with some brighter pops (think umbrellas on the beach), use accents with complementary color schemes to your main color choice. Some color combos you can try include:

  • blue with tangerine
  • hibiscus with greens
  • dessert midnight violets with oranges
  • mustard with eggplant

Amplify the drama by invoking a night out on the town. Play with primary colors, whites, and blacks or dark grays. Create movement with abstract art and glossy glass accents.

Find Yourself in an Ecosystem of Freshness and Purity with Plant life

Add a burst of fresh air to your space. Nothing is lusher than fresh flowers and live plants. The dwarf variety of the Chinese Palm Fan does astoundingly well indoors and adds a Los Angeles flair to your room. Play with air plants and succulents if you’re looking for variety in your greens.

Pick up a fresh flower arrangement from the market or grocery store. This can let you play with color in a less permanent way. If you fall in love with a color in your room, you can find other ways to highlight your new fave color combination.

Fresh flowers are a great way to liven up a workspace.

Don’t forget that house plants need pots and stands worthy of your attention. This is a wonderful spot to incorporate dark metallics and rich earth tones.

Dive into Modern Details

Nothing says “Los Angeles” better than 20th-century modern design. But going ‘full-modern’ can be both pricey and boring. To capture a modern edge in a contemporary room, use details rather than a full overhaul.

Fabrics, accents, and those rare tokens from your travels can turn your style from bland to eclectic. Don’t be afraid to clash cultures and mix textures. Isn’t the mix of culture in L.A. one the best parts of the city?

Throw pillows, wooden artwork, clean lines of lamps, clocks, and some smaller furniture pieces will do the job. Try a modern glass top coffee table, a chair with sleek lines, or modern-inspired tv stand paired with a classic sofa and solid rug.

As you update your style, plan ahead but have fun. Experiment along the way. Los Angeles celebrates individuality, so don’t skimp on incorporating your personality. Embrace the green-thinking attitude by shopping antiques, estate sales, and second-hand to find rare and original modern pieces.


Image credit: Melpomenem /iStock/Getty Images Plus