While this situation is far from pleasant, putting a positive spin on your at-home time can help. I challenge you to use this time to turn your home back into your paradise. This will help the days pass more quickly and regenerate your happiness. Embrace the tranquil, the exciting, and the romance without having to get in your car.

Staying at home can feel more like staying at a resort with a little creativity and planning. How can you use your quaran-time to turn your home into an escape from the stress?

1. Open Your Windows and Breathe Easier

In the mornings and evenings, open your windows and let in the cool breeze. Fresh air isn’t just great for feeling more in-tune with the world, it also improves blood pressure, increases serotonin, and strengthens your immune system.

Close your eyes and let the light breeze take you wherever your imagination is willing to go. Or find a pillow, cushion, or yoga mat and enjoy a bit of meditation to relax your mind.

2. Redecorate without Waiting in Checkout Lines

Surrounding yourself with beautiful, meaningful objects and colors will wash away the blues. Now is a great time to research current design trends and navigate through the online sales to find your perfect home decor.

Tired of staring at your walls? Try out a new paint color or find and fall in love with new artwork.

3. Treat Yourself

How long has it been since you put on makeup, did your hair, and slipped into your favorite outfit? If you had to think about it, it’s been too long. Plan an at-home spa evening for a little self-care. This is sure to brighten your mood and complexion. Put on some music, light a few candles, apply a face mask, and relax.

Invite the whole family if you’d like. You can even prep by making homemade facial scrubs or candles.

4. Plan a Date-Night In

If you and your spouse have been working from home, you’ve probably been adjusting to dividing your living and working space. Bring the romance and intimacy back into your relationship by planning a luxurious date-night in.

If you have a garden, pick a few of your favorite blooms and create a vibrant floral arrangement to invite the outdoors in. If you have a patio or balcony, maybe plan on eating out while staying in and bringing the inside-outside for a change.

Find and light votives and candles, creating a living light show to top-off your dinner table.

Order-in from your favorite restaurant. Don’t forget the dessert and a bottle of Veuve Clicquot.

To help lighten the mood and erase a bit of the COVID-gloom, put away the cell phones during dinner and reconnect without the glow of screens.

Single? No problem. Treat yourself to a date and a glass of champagne by candlelight.

5. Soak In the Sunshine

As the weather warms, soak in a little sunshine and enjoy a vitamin D boost. Tune-up your yard or just bask in the sun while enjoying a cool drink. If you’ve been wanting a hammock, I can’t think of a better time to order one.

You can even use this opportunity to update your outdoor space. If you’ve been wanting to paint your patio table, add a few new pots, you can shop online, order what you want, and have it delivered to your door within days.

You can even order live plants. And if you’re ordering flowers, remember, the brighter the better during times like these. Flowers have the added bonus of brightening your neighbors’ days as well. So get planting.

6. Freshen Up Your Upholstery and Linens

Your home is still your sanctuary. A place of respite and relaxation. I know it might not feel like that right now, but with a bit of freshening up, your outlook might change.

Once you’ve peeled yourself out of your desk chair or sofa, spend some time surveying your home for fabrics that could use some new life. Wash your curtains, duvet cover, sofa cushion covers, and rugs.

Invest in a few new throw pillow covers. Nothing makes a room feel fresher than a few new touches that you adore. Picking out some new pillow covers is a great way to spend some time and update your space.

Reclaim Your Paradise without Leaving Home

Your home should offer you comfort, excitement, and a bit of luxury. Use this time to reclaim the things you love about your home. Clear away some of the clutter to find some peace of mind and a place to just unwind and disconnect. Or plan some evening activities that will reconnect your loved ones. You don’t have to be a chef to create an unforgettable dinner or a master gardener to add some vibrancy to your yard.

You don’t have to go far to find your paradise, just look around.