Your home should be your own personal retreat. It should be a space that inspires you and evokes joyful memories. When looking for inspiration to help define your style, why not turn towards a favorite destination? Incorporating personal touches and unique pieces from exotic locations will add a sense of style to your space.

When starting a travel-inspired interior design project, look for a designer that offers custom designs that speak to your individual sense of style. CIH lead designer Shelly David has travelled the world creating interior designs inspired by exotic locations. Whether you’ve travelled extensively or dream of someday seeing the world, our design team can transform your home to reflect your wanderlust. As with any style or theme, following a few simple rules will create a space that looks beautiful and well thought out.

Good Interior Design Follows Plan

A well-designed home contains years of memories and reflects the lives and interests of the inhabitants. To create a home that looks curated, our designers carefully select pieces that have meaning and style over matching sets that come in a bundle. Since travel can be one of the most personal and moving experiences in someone’s life, it makes sense that pieces acquired while on vacation will spark the best memories.

Use Souvenirs as A Starting Point

Sometimes all it takes is one special piece to provide the jumping off point for the design of an entire room. Favorite pictures or artwork from a trip carry wonderful memories and can help form the color palette and theme for the space.

Textiles are another great way to infuse culture into interior design. They make excellent souvenirs because they are easy to pack and feature bright colors and interesting patterns. Our designers love to use unique pieces in unexpected ways. A tapestry hung on the wall can double as colorful artwork. Or a woven mat mounted over the bed can serve as a custom headboard. Pillows and throws can bring an exotic touch and are easy to update when a new urge to travel hits.

Color Can Evoke a Destination

Certain colors often bring to mind memories of specific places. Even if you don’t have a collection of travel souvenirs, your designer can call up feelings of a desired locale with strategic use of color.

Bright colors such as turquoise, green and yellow inspire an island vibe and will help give your space a tropical feel. Bold patterns and hues such as pink, orange and teal can give your home a Moroccan feel. Once the right color palette is established, it only takes a few well-chosen accent pieces to complete the look.

Don’t Overdo It

Travel inspired décor often involves bright colors and bold prints. In almost every case, it’s best to start with small touches and layer in additional items to support your theme. Consider adding native plants as a subtle nod to your desired location. Not only do they represent a specific place, they also add texture and bring life to a room. Other elements such as lighting and furniture can also recreate the look and feel of special destinations.

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