If you’re reading this, there’s a good chance you have an eye for design. But how do you take a trend like the Pantone colors of the year and make them your own? While staying on-trend brings a breath of fresh air to your design, you want to ensure that you create a space that is timeless, classic, and comfortable. If you’re ready to rock your space with Ultimate Gray and Illuminating Yellow, here’s what you need to know:


1. A Little Can Go a Long Way

When you decide to change your interior, you do not have to go for a total make-over at first. Beginning with small complementary touches can help you gauge how much you love these colors versus how much you’re giving in to a trend. 

Begin with your accents. Your throw pillows, drapery, and decor can get you started. You can also move these throughout your house, choosing which room is the best for your Pantone fantasy.

Remember to check your throw pillows. Most have covers that zip off, making a quick, affordable change easy.


2. Try Going Bold in a Small Space 

Bathrooms, offices, and foyers may be small, but they offer a huge opportunity for change. In petite places, you don’t need very much time, paint, or decor to fill the area out. 

This year’s Pantone shades are perfect for lighting up spaces like the office or bathroom. I love how energetic and Illuminating yellow can be. This cheerful color can be the blast of brightness we need in 2021. This makes it an ideal choice for the office or to greet you each morning in your bathroom. Consider buying a new shower curtain, lampshade, or area rug in these Pantone colors.


3. Use Your 2021 Pantone Colors Wisely

Remember that you can coordinate with other colors to allow the area to breathe. If everything in a room is Ultimate Gray or Illuminating Yellow, you may find yourself overwhelmed. When people go overboard with being too exacting on their colors, the look tends to lose its longevity.

Consider pairing this year’s colors with whites, creams, tans, black, or a grounding color like deep blue or magenta. Pantone provides an amazing way to build your own palette here!


4. Be Bold and Re-Invent What You Already Own

The 2021 Pantone Colors of the Year are bold, so don’t be meek in how you use them. These powerful colors would make quite the statement as a ceiling color or crown molding.

Both colors would make lovely choices for painting some furniture pieces. If you don’t want to commit your family heirlooms to a new identity of yellow or gray, consider updating your picture frames.


5. Let the Colors Take Your Imagination to New Places

You don’t have to use the 2021 Pantone Colors to be inspired by them. One practice I strongly encourage is that young designers take colors and palettes and sit with them. Go outside or find a quiet, peaceful place in your home and let your mind take you where it wants to go.

Listen to yourself. Decide what you like or dislike about the colors. Imagine the colors in your space. Imagine them playing different roles. React emotionally to what you see in your mind. 

If you ultimately decide these colors don’t reflect your personality, consider another bright color with an unexpected neutral. Consider green and cream, burnt orange and white, or blue with taupe.


Wish You a Bright, Beautiful, and Bountiful 2021

If your form of therapy is paint therapy, the colors and opportunities are endless. Let this year be the year you embrace energy in your design. You deserve a bright beginning to 2021. Embrace the bold this year and stay poppingly positive. Remember to rest, relax, and provide yourself with the self-care you need. 

Want to refresh your interior design but don’t have the time or know-how to do-it-yourself? I would love to make your 2021 dreams a reality. 


Image credit: IRINA KROLEVETC / iStock / Getty Images Plus