Ward Village in Honolulu is redefining the coastal lifestyle. This exceptional community offers residential, retail, entertainment and outdoor spaces all in one luxurious oceanfront setting. Among the five residential towers located in Ward Village, Anaha stands out for its sophistication and bold design.

Vibrant Interior Design

From the moment you arrive, Anaha features grand expanses of glass that offer breathtaking views from anywhere in the building. The exterior architecture blends the natural movement of the ocean with its glittering urban surroundings. CIH interior designer Shelly David used this as inspiration when creating her newest vibrant design for this spectacular Ward Village residence.

The name Anaha means “reflection of light”, and the use of reflective surfaces allows the interior design to shine as well. Shelly and her team created a bright and lively space that balances the sophistication of the building with an energetic and youthful vibe.

Interior Design Inspired by Island Views

Just as the building draws inspiration from the ocean waves, so does the gorgeous interior design. The turquoise accents in the living room pull your eye across the room to rest on the amazing view of the Pacific Ocean. The modern blue and white furniture pops against the white walls and dark wood kitchen but blends smoothly with the expansive views of Hawaiian skies.

Glass and metallic tables in the living and dining areas reflect not only light, but also the stunning exterior views. Strategic placement of the glass dining table makes it seem as if the sky fills the room. Beautiful custom glass lighting adds to the open and airy feeling but doesn’t compete with the views.

The office is a calming, masculine space with a palette of relaxing, neutral colors. Although the room doesn’t contain any windows, the blue accents inspire thoughts of the ocean and connect the room to the rest of the house.

The bedrooms feature muted hues that create a soothing atmosphere. The airy glass lamps and complementary patterns help tie the two rooms together. Reflective surfaces such as the glass headboard and metallic picture frames provide continuity with the main living areas. The addition of a large mirror in the second bedroom, reflects the gorgeous ocean views and creates the impression of being surrounded by water.

Contact CIH for Ward Village Interior Design

If you’re searching for an outstanding island residence that offers coastal living in a pedestrian-friendly, urban environment, look no further than Honolulu’s Ward Village. Contact CIH Design today for gorgeous interior design services that will transform your new Anaha or Waiea tower condo into the home of your dreams. Our experienced interior designers offer complete turnkey designs and provide photorealistic renderings, allowing you to approve your design from anywhere in the world.