Often design aesthetic boils down to how you want to feel in a space. While interior design may seem like formulas, ratios, and color theory, the best interior concepts are more than that. When I design a space, it’s about what that space will help its inhabitants accomplish– what those living in the space can achieve. That’s why I love hygge design. It’s more of a philosophy for how you want to live and how your space can foster joy, creativity, inspiration to be your best self day after day. To be our best, we need restful relaxation and love in our lives. Hygge helps achieve this.

Hygge design (pronounced hoo-guh if you’ve never heard it) embraces the cozy and joyful while encouraging mindfulness. This Danish idea is all about having your home reflect your lifestyle, memories, goals, and nurturing interpersonal connections. What exactly does this mean? It means your space should be a place you want to spend time in, with others, or in reflection. It should be free of distractions that remind you of life’s burdens.

This works well for bedrooms, bathrooms, and the family room. Elements of hygge can soften workspaces, too.

When it comes down to it, can’t we all use a little more hygge in our lives? If you’re looking to embrace hygge in your home, here’s how:


1. Soften Your Lighting

Hygge is all about comfort. Using candles, softer bulbs, and adding some new light fixtures can help your home feel cozier. 

Consider switching your light fixtures that flood the room with too much illumination. Switching to lamps can be a cost-effective way to achieve this.

Cover your dresser, mantel, or bathroom counter with a variety of candles. Choose tall, small, long, narrow, or whatever you have on-hand. Not only will the flames dance and relax you, but the warmth of real flames will melt away your stress. Just be sure you don’t keep them too close to your smoke detector.

2. Unburden Your Space

When you go into a spa, you will notice the colors, artwork, and decor is pared back and often neutral. This is because less is more relaxing. Clutter, whether it be books, colors, or just a rug with a busy pattern, keeps your mind moving, racing, and unable to settle. 

When looking at your future hygge space, you want to identify any clutter. Remove anything that is excessive. You can keep photos and keepsakes tucked away–because, remember a hygge room should reflect you and what you cherish, but it doesn’t need to remain on display 24/7. 

Examine your color scheme. Keep most of your furnishings, wall color, artwork, and throws neutral. Small splashes of color will suffice. Think of this as decluttering the color of the room.

3. Invest in a Cozy Nest

Hygge says “bye-bye!” to styles that are stuffy and too formal. For a hygge hideout, think about sweaters, fur, and cashmere for inspiration. Then invest in some new blankets, pillows, rugs, curtains, and furniture that fit your perception of comfort. 

Why so cozy? Hygge wants to inspire your loved ones to relax alongside you. When everyone is relaxed, the energy is purer, and your friends and family will be more present in the moment.


Have a Hygge Holiday and a Happy New Year

As the holiday season approaches, keep your eye out for pillows, blankets, and lighting that will add long-lasting hygge to your home. Remember that personal elements like photos from your past vacations, family heirlooms, and unique art can really add character to hygge charm. With your home decluttered, calm, and cozy, I hope you will achieve your goals, make new memories, and enjoy some relaxation.

From CIH Design to you and your family, Happy Holidays! 

Image credit: puhimec / iStock / Getty Images Plus