As the old saying goes, “home is where the heart is,” and it is important that your home reflects your heart and your unique personality. Whether you are into home decor that is classy and elegant or a little edgy and modern, creating a living space that showcases who you are will make your home a place you really want to spend some quality time in, making memories with friends and family.

Home decorating can be daunting, but once you tap into your inner style and figure out the look you are after, you can begin to create a living space that makes you feel happy inside. Looking for some inspiration? Read on to learn more about decorating with your personality in mind.

Decorate with Inspiring Artwork

Hanging artwork is the easiest way to add some of your own personality to a space and the options available are endless. As you stroll through your favorite art gallery or store, find pieces that speak to you. The more that a piece of art captivates your attention, the better. Art is an investment and you want to ensure you have a real connection with all the pieces you select.

Look for artwork that features your favorite colors and textures. Art can help draw out the colors of your furnishings and other decorative pieces to give the space you are decorating a balanced look.  The fun thing about art is that you do not need to stick to one theme throughout your house. Mix and match the artwork and create a look that showcases who you are as a person.

Finding the Right Furnishings

Especially true when picking out the furnishings you and your guests are going to sit on, it is important to find pieces that are comfortable. Sofas, recliners, and loveseats come in a variety of different fabrics and leather options, so be sure to sit on a few and imagine how they will look and feel in your home.

Fabric upholstered seating is popular among households with children, as it is durable and can be easily cleaned with a wet washcloth or furniture steam cleaning equipment. When picking out fabric furniture, make sure the pieces you select are of good quality. Examine the stitching around the seams to ensure it is tight and fully intact.

Leather is timeless and can really warm up the look of a home and make it feel cozy. It comes in many colors, textures, and quality grades, so it is important to know what kind of leather you are looking for and how to maintain each type once you get your new piece of furniture home. Whether you are looking for something sleek and shiny or soft and luxurious, leather can make any room look more upscale.

When it comes to leather, you are not just bound to purchasing traditional black or brown pieces; leather furniture comes in just about every color you can dream up as it can be dyed during the tanning and preserving process. Candy apple red or bright blue sofa, anyone?

If you are new to the world of leather, the terminology can be a bit confusing. Here is a look at some types of leather furniture you will find when perusing the showroom:

  • Full Grain Leather: Full grain leather is the best quality leather you can purchase, and when properly maintained, it will stand the test of time and only get better and softer with age. If you are interested in purchasing the highest quality leather furniture available, look for pieces that are made of full grain leather.
  • Nubuck Leather: Nubuck leather is ideal for lounging couches as it is soft and suede-like. It is the least processed of all leather types but will not last as long in highly active homes. Furniture made with Nubuck leather will need to be treated eventually if you plan to keep your pieces for a long time.
  • Top Grain Leather: Top grain leather is nearly the same quality of full grain leather, but is processed and buffed to give it a shiny and soft surface. Top Grain Leather is the perfect choice for modern chic furniture styles.
  • Bi-Cast Leather: If you want the look and feel of leather but live in a high traffic home where your furniture is prone to damage, bi-cast leather is a good solution. Bi-cast leather is a cheaper leather option and is made from scraps of leather that have been glued together instead of full pieces of leather.

Size Really Does Matter

Have you recently decided to downsize and move into a smaller home? Once the kids move out and embark on their own journey in life, you may have found that you no longer need to live in a large house with multiple bedrooms. Downsizing offers you the ability to take charge of your life and live your life instead of taking care of an over-sized home and yard all the time. Downsizing also comes with its own unique challenges in that you may need to downsize your furnishings as well to fit into your new living space.

You do not need to compromise on showcasing your personality just because you are downsizing your living quarters. Look for furnishings and accessories that are designed for small spaces. With the right furniture and accessories, you can have a fully furnished room that looks bigger than its actual size.

Be Eclectic and Showcase Your Personality

Sometimes a little imperfection is all that is needed to make a room look perfect! When decorating your living space, don’t be afraid to display objects that are just a little different. Have an old typewriter that has been handed down to you? What about that collection of antique teacups? Use creativity to blend your favorite objects with the living space design you are after. Sometimes the best laid out spaces are the ones that feature a blended mix of the old and new as well as the quirky, yet sophisticated.

Let Your Walls Be Thy Canvas!

Wall paint and hanging decor seem to be the major sticking point when it comes to decorating a living space. Think of your walls as a blank canvas where you can unleash your inner artist. Not only do you not need to stick to just one color of wall paint, but you can also paint designs and patterns on your walls to showcase your unique personality even more. If you don’t consider yourself to be much of a Picasso, try using wallpaper or interesting fabrics.

Your home is your castle and it should be a place you look forward to being in after a long day. Use these tips to add your own unique personality to your home and showcase who you really are.