This year was anything but ordinary. To wash away the COVID glum and provide you and your family with a much-needed boost of cheer, energy, and joy, plan for an extra pop, burst, and excitement in your holiday decor. If there is one thing I know, it’s that this is the year to play, experiment, and innovate when it comes to your holiday design. Hear the jingle bells and ring in the new year with a few of these innovative and out-of-the-ordinary design ideas:


1. Bye-Bye Red & Green! Hello Happiness

When it comes to dressing up your home this holiday, skip the traditional and aim for something with a bit more drama. Consider an icy color palette with silvers, blues, frosted metallics, and whites. Consider birch accents, a few live evergreens, and as many glass ornaments as you can gather.

This white, bright, shiny color scheme isn’t just a breath of fresh air, but it will help relax your mind. Metallics inspire the imagination and thoughts of the future.


2. Go On a Trip Without Leaving Home


Travel is limited this year–let your decor take you far, far away. If you’re dreaming of sunny beaches, orange juice, or an international destination, let your desire inspire. 

Consider adding tropical tidings with fresh oranges, clementines, grapefruit, and tangerines piled high in bowls, jars, and baskets. Make the warmth last with dried slices of your favorite citrus or create a clementine topiary with a foam cone, a basket, and some wooden dowels.

For more of an international flair, use textiles and throws from your destination of choice. Consider adding a candle reminiscent of faraway spices. 


3. Monochromatic and Merry

Indulge yourself in a sea of your favorite hue. It doesn’t have to be traditional and you can take a monochromatic theme as far as you would like. Whether it be deep green, yellow, or magenta, you can make your holiday a bit more magical with a blast of color.

Begin by sorting out your ornaments, keeping the ones that fit the theme out, and safely pack the rest away. Then add a monochromatic wreath, invest in some new garland, and choose gift wrap that matches. There’s no need to invest in a tinted tree unless you want to. The traditional green makes a great backdrop for any color.

Want to add a bit more depth? Lean away from looking too much like a tailgate by choosing some analogous colors in a variety of tones and shades.

Choose complementary colors that work with your fave shade:

  • Blue with hints of orange and reds
  • Yellow with violets, grays, and some blues
  • Teal and salmon, cream, and some lavender


May Your Holiday Season be Merry and Bright

I hope your holidays are filled with love, family, friends, and Veuve Clicquot. If you cannot physically be with family and friends this year, be sure to celebrate on the webcam. Show off your fresh design and take in the laughter and love of those who matter most.

Gift yourself with long-lasting interior style. If your home or business needs some changes for the new year, I’m here to help. Make your living space more lux and livable or update your design style for an inspiring living space.



Image credit: ozina / iStock / Getty Images Plus