Waterline Square offers a unique blend of city living in a beautiful park-like setting.  Situated between Midtown and the Upper West Side, this 3-tower development features breathtaking views, over two acres of parkland and world-class amenities.

2 Waterline Square is the largest of the three glass towers and offers views of the Hudson River, George Washington Bridge and the New York City skyline. The magnificent 38-storey building contains light-filled condos with high ceilings and large floor to ceiling windows. The interiors feature modern design and natural materials throughout.

Luxurious Italian Furnishings

A building that offers top of the line materials, requires top of the line furnishings. CIH Designer Shelly David selected luxurious Italian furnishings to complement the existing finishes in this one-bedroom condo.

The living-dining area features a neutral color palette and low-profile furniture. This allows the floor-to-ceiling windows to become the focal point of the room. Instead of bright colors, a collection of bright metallics reflects natural light and adds interest. The use of multiple gold accents creates continuity, and combined with the chrome lighting makes the room sparkle.

A large band of marble draws the eye across the room, once again highlighting the grand windows. Mirrors and reflective surfaces make the space seem larger and brighten areas that don’t receive as much natural light.

The den features copper and onyx finishes along with a splash of blue that imitates the scenery outside the window.  The studded leather ottoman mimics the studded leather club chairs in the living room, providing comfortable seating with a masculine feel.

Despite the dark colors, the master bedroom feels bright and open. The minimalistic design, reflective surfaces and bright lighting all work together to create a calming space.

Interior Design for New York City

CIH Design was hired for this New York City interior design project by a previous client in Honolulu. They were so happy with Shelly’s work there, that they hired her to design their Waterline Square condo as well.

Whether you live in New York or elsewhere in the world, Shelly and her team can create a complete turn-key design for your space. Contact CIH Design today to find out how we can turn your vision into a reality.