Pantone's Spring 2017 Colors to Keep an Eye On

Spring is here!  Luckily for us, the color authority for the design industry that never disappoints, the Pantone Color Institute, has blessed us with their 2017 Spring Color Report. As a designer who is constantly inspired by nature, I was overjoyed that Pantone has us looking forward to vibrant, timeless colors that truly surround us in nature. Pantone’s thoughtful selection of color combinations give us the brilliantly bold and earthy, essential color guide for the spring season that we all need. With photos from some of my favorite past projects, I hope I can show you just how timeless and organic this year’s hues truly are. 

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PANTONE 17-4123 Niagara

CIH Design - Interior Designer Honolulu
According to Pantone, the denim blue Niagara is expected to lead as the most prevalent color for spring 2017. The comforting and dependable Niagara is a classic blue that oozes ease and relaxation. This innovative take on a well-loved primary color is the perfect burst of style and boldness for any room. 

PANTONE 13-0755 Primrose Yellow

CIH Design - Interior Designer Honolulu
Another lovely shade to look out for this season, is Primrose Yellow. This sunny yellow hue exudes pure happiness and is an excellent contrast to Niagara. The vibrant color gives us instant warmth and sparkles with heat and vitality. The joyful reminder of nature takes us on a trip of enthusiasm, good cheer and sunny days!
PANTONE 19-4045 Lapis Blue

CIH Design - Interior Designer Honolulu
Inspired by the prized semi-precious stone, Lapis Blue is an intense, deep mid-tone blue mixed with the right amount of purple. Imbued with an inner radiance, the strong and confident blue creates a rich color that is reminiscent of royalty and status.
PANTONE 17-1462 Flame

CIH Design - Interior Designer Honolulu
Flame gives us a red-based orange that is flamboyant and gregarious in all the right ways. This playful and vivacious color is wonderfully theatrical and adds some fiery spice to the spring 2017 palette. Add a pop of Flame to your space to create a fun-loving, party aesthetic.

PANTONE 14-4620 Island Paradise

CIH Design - Interior Designer Honolulu
Island Paradise is a to-die-for soft aqua hue that screams vacation. The cool blue green shade is emblematic of the sparkly ocean water and transports you to your dream tropical getaway. The soft blue watery tone of Island Paradise makes the handpicked color a perfect pairing for any design.

PANTONE 13-1404 Pale Dogwood

CIH Design - Interior Designer Honolulu
Following the ever-so-popular Rose Quartz, Pale Dogwood is a peaceful pink shade that maintains a tranquil mood. The subtle pink is a perfect neutral that creates an aura of purity and innocence. The color’s soft touch creates an atmosphere of lightness and airiness that has a lasting effect. 

PANTONE 15-0343 Greenery

CIH Design - Interior Designer Honolulu

Greenery is a tangy yellow-green that brings foliage to the forefront of your space and has you longing for the outdoors. This refreshing green hue promotes a sense of adventure and reinvigoration. The saturated citrusy hue of Greenery can bring accents of green spring into your room or hold its own in a boldly colored room.

PANTONE 17-2034 Pink Yarrow

CIH Design - Classic Interior Design
Whimsical and unignorable, Pink Yarrow is definitely an attention-seeking color. The lively pink is both captivating and stimulating. According to the Pantone Institute, Pink Yarrow was chosen specifically because of its festivity and visibility. Tempestuous by nature, the tropical and loud hue is exactly what your interior needs. 

PANTONE 18-0107 Kale

CIH Design - Shelly David - Classic Design
Kale is another foliage-based green that proves this leafy green’s popularity extends beyond your kitchen and farmer’s markets. Following the architectural trend of vertical gardens, rooftop greenery and leafy plazas, Kale is a tribute to the great outdoors. Engendering healthy living and an invigorating fresh of breath air, the vivacious color fulfills our desire to connect to nature. The lush natural green hue provides the perfect complementary backdrop to more vibrants tones in the spring palette. 

PANTONE 14-1315 Hazelnut

CIH Design - Interior Designer Commercial Spaces
Finishing up the spring 2017 colors is Hazelnut, a quintessential neutral with a warm undertone. The shade is a transitional color that can be used all year. Representing natural earthiness with an inherent warmth, Hazelnut is the perfect neutral to combine with any color. 
Pantone’s Spring 2017 palette predicts significant changes to our interiors, but also reminds us of how timeless these nature-inspired colors are. The level of much originality and freedom in the use of these colors  is inspiring and gives us endless possibilities!

Anaha Tower Contemporary Remodel

I’m very excited to update you all on my latest custom design project for a client at the Anaha Tower at the Howard Hughes’ Ward Village. For those of you who are not familiar with Ward Village, the carefully curated neighborhood is being branded Honolulu’s newest contemporary luxury village. Located on 60 acres between the Pacific Ocean and the Ko’olau Mountains, and adjacent to Waikiki and Downtown Honolulu, Ward Village gives the residents and guests of Waiea the all-encompassing community experience. Being one of the lead interior designers for Ward Village’s various residences, I’ve had the great pleasure of working of being able to be a part of the incredible design process of the project

My most recent Ward Village project at the Anaha Tower is one of my most favorite to date. My client asked for layers, texture, drama, sophistication, and a unique touch. With Anaha Tower expected to be completely constructed by mid-2017,  I relied on my renderings to allow my client to fully visualize the transformation.

Living Space

interior designer honolulu - anaha tower

To add a one-of-a-kind, nature-inspired aesthetic, I incorporated a textured wall covering as a mural in the living space to complement the outside view of Diamond Head, and the breathtaking backdrop of the ocean and sky. A desk workspace was added to the living room make the area more multi-functional. To break up the open concept floorplan, I used a floor to ceiling mount spherical lamp as a decorative barrier for the desk space and the lounge and dining area.


livingspace 2


In order to bring a good balance of texture and elegance, I furnished the luxury space with a rich navy blue velvet sofa. The bold statement piece combined with the zebra wood coffee table and swivel chairs added a touch of masculine drama. I was sparse with my additional decorative touches on the surfaces and walls in order to not distract from the minimalist modern feel of the rest of the design.

For the dining space, I brought in a Carrara marble top dining table that give a strong earth element to the luxury space. The table top gives the visual effect of it almost floating on top of the acrylic table base. I decorated the dining area with quilted ivory leather accent chairs to maintain the contemporary and sleek aesthetic.

Master Suite

master suite - interior designer honolulu


The master bedroom features a Phillip Jeffries grass cloth studded wall covering for texture and the bed resembles a boot as the curved footboard sits upon a raised base. The artwork is made of a mosaic of natural stone and it does an excellent job of tying in the emerald green upholstered headboard. I stuck to an earthy color palette to bring intrigue and balance to the room while also making a statement.


master 2


To maintain style with functionality, I decorated the opposing wall with a framed television surrounded with electronic moveable artwork to hide the screen when not in use. Giving an everyday item a decorative upgrade allowed the room to maintain its essence without sacrificing practicality.

Guest Bedroom

guest suite

guest suite

The guest bedroom headboard wall is styled in a Phillip Jeffries granite wall covering. The natural element is perfect for establishing a warm neutral base for the room. I added royal blue accents to perfectly complement the stunning view of the Pacific Ocean. The color scheme of the space balances out the calming nature influence as well as the contemporary sleek design.


honolulu guest suite

The white wave textured wall was added as a dramatic contrast to the opposing granite wall. We created a framed wood surround concealing LED lighting for visual interest and the illusion of movement.

Being one of the lead interior designers for Ward Village’s various residences, I’ve had the great pleasure of working of being able to be a part of the incredible design process of the project.  This Anaha Tower interior design is a perfect reflection of contemporary sophistication and luxury. 


Holiday Ambiance

The holidays are incredibly meaningful to my family and me. Spending time with loved ones, late nights listening to our Sinatra favorites by the roaring fire, reminiscing about fond memories, enjoying a fantastic glass of Veuve Clicquot, and cooking all of our much-loved recipes. While these wonderful memories are so meaningful because of the people we share them with, the homes in which they all take place also play a great part in making these times so special. Our environment has a strong affect on how we experience certain moments, specifically on our mood and emotion. Because of the immense impact that our surroundings have on us, it is essential that we consider the elements that go into making our homes an atmosphere that promotes relaxation, intimate gatherings, and festivity this holiday season. With this in mind, I made a quick guide for you to help you achieve the perfect holiday ambiance for your home this Christmas and New Year's celebrations. 


Bring In Texture and Color

Texture and color are very important for decorating for the holidays. For texture, think velvets and cozy faux furs. You'll want to choose materials that people want to snuggle up to and touch. Bringing in deep reds and greens or icy blues with silver and gold hues will help you find the perfect Christmas palette for your home.

Set The Mood With Music 

The holidays wouldn’t be the same without the musical element. While we often consider visual cues when thinking of interior design, it is important to consider our other senses. Put on your favorite Christmas tunes to lift your spirits and engage your senses. If you are having a more elegant gathering, hire a professional piano player to entertain your guests and give your party the perfect background melody. Many of my most favorite fond Christmas  memories are of people gathering around the piano for impromptu caroling into the wee hours of the morning!

 Incorporate Your Sense of Smell

Our olfactory sense is one of the strongest triggers of our emotion and memory. If you want to fully immerse your space in the season, add some seasonal candle scents to your room. Inspire mood through scents that speak to you. From more earthy scents like fir and firewood and fresh snow to sweeter aromas like pecan pie and apple cider, there are hundreds of ways to subtly enhance the aroma of your home this season with natural oils and freshly baked goodies. 

Find The Perfect Ambient Lighting

The goal of ambient lighting is to set the mood of a room by providing varying levels of lighting. Adjust the lighting level based on the time of day or tone that you would like to create. Soft lighting helps inspire relaxation and intimacy while more bold and bright lights promote energy and alertness. Try different bulbs and shades or even candles to see how the effects feel to you and to determine type of an atmosphere you want to create.

Be Mindful of The Arrangement of Space

Utilize your space by giving your guests rooms to move around and relax without overwhelming them. Placing too much in one room will overcrowd your senses and increase your stress levels. On the other hand, sparsley placed furniture and decor in a room leaves it feeling distant and cold. Style vignettes around common gathering spaces like the fireplace or the dining room table to warm and welcoming environments where people want to spend time. Be mindful of what you include in these spaces because your accessories also make a statement and have a direct affect on your mood. Displaying a candle arrangement on your mantel is conducive to relaxation and warmth. Placing beautiful garlands and other holiday decorations across your table, and throwing warm and cozy textures  over your chairs draw people into your space.  

Don’t Be Afraid To Personalize Your Decor

One thing I cannot emphasize enough is adding a personal touch to your holiday environment. One year for Christmas, I decorated my tree with peacock feathers. My home felt so festive!  I love being able to include a favorite element of each of my family members or an item that inspires each of them into our holiday decor to truly make it our own special space. Styling with decorative elements that each person identifies with will add an air of belonging and character to your home. It’s easy to get lost in the holiday design and forget that your home is a space that is an extension of you. No matter how beautifully your styling turns out, you don’t want your home feeling too unfamiliar, or “staged” and unwelcoming. Not only do personal touches in your home create a sense of belonging and comfort for you, it also does for your cherished family and friends who wish to enjoy the spirit of the season with you!

New Project Completion in St. Louis

One of my favorite things about being an interior designer is being able to give my clients the space that they truly want and feel connected with. My recent living room project in St. Louis for some friends turned clients that we met in Hawaii was the perfect example of this. 

Carl met the couple on a plane to Hawaii and the three hit of them hit it off. After sharing some drinks over at their house in Hawaii and enjoying each others’ company, we all got to know each other well and quickly became friends. Two weeks later, I received an email from our new friends requesting that I to come to St. Louis and redesign their living room. Their house was originally built in the 80s and they felt it was in need of a colorful and contemporary updated look. 

Iwm0e8ackrojxu7nf1lh hsruvvmcwbvmrtmxewpm8pcylm2wilntre pbvai dtm7yjwrvcoyaokjz043izy3zn ntht9ojcsvydcwt7aqeyhycb7ucj3w7zeqj4i rhqh7ecxy
Wanting to help our friends out, I headed over to St. Louis for a day to take measurements and photos and get to really get to know their vision. The couple had a beautiful space with vaulted ceilings that had a lot of potential. The one thing our friends’ requested was that we kept the sailfish. The beloved fish were caught by his grandfather and it was important to him that they remain in the room. 
Once I made it back to Hawaii, I devised a design plan and made some renderings. Understanding the amount of significance and sentimental value that the sailfish held for our clients, I was inspired by the beautiful deep blue fins of the sailfish for my design. I knew I wanted an updated contemporary look that incorporated a tasteful pop of color and class. 
Nklk4n2ddxg4le nrkxfjktalqfyrq tp8u c7zsqh6e9c by4iitgq4 5oxi4jq8hg4ybz6 ivff11m3fl7uqq cbkqj9dfhnjjdgypg1hgvymsrergtukkbfbb9far n3z5mvw
Creating renderings, or representations of a finished project, in my opinion, is incredibly valuable for interior design projects. Not only do they help my clients visualize the end result, it also takes any worry or uncertainty out of the equation. Being able to see the transformation before the project even begins is extremely reassuring to people. Once the clients saw my renderings of their living room, they instantly fell in love and didn’t want to change a single thing. They were very anxious to get started on the project so I set back out to St. Louis for the installation.
Iitub9jebmm7werql3aaemo2imwasvwzjwxowskcbxmemtbaejh9oc9q fi6dnoinnq0vfu87a4sdhlulwcohadfmbhwe6mcftewkamzthwtfn wn1f06kzadsbatv3mvtxvd9fy
When I arrived, I started by transforming the color blocked walls to a more modern neutral tone. Wanting to give the windows an easy modern update, I painted over the outdated oak window sills with a fresh coat of white. The new color instantly created a completely different feel that lengthened the look of the walls. The oak pillared fireplace was replaced with a minimal glossy stoned fireplace with a built-in TV. The dark wood floors were switched out for light wood to really complete the design.
0mqj8wmcgdhz7mlwcbugqiiqs74djh9uywdeif45ir3euoce9iqw7f0x snjvzz4qaccgmze9ufxn0vcnou4yh9uol4lix2g4mkcbrq6h5a064iv6o4l  bs7 xpvp6rjkalhh6
I relied on the floors and furnishing to bring in some color. I wanted to add something unique and contemporary to the space and came up with the idea of stitching two different carpets together to make a one-of-a-kind area rug. The clients absolutely loved how unique and eye-catching it made their space look. As far as the layout of the space, I went with the less-is-more mentality. By eliminating bulky pieces that took up unnecessary space, the space felt a lot less cluttered and fresh. 

Ukqn2lwae ynpibtjlezcjfutia8clu7lf zgipuy0bx1nkwjy mceo hydhzxz4mo1ejcyhf2pqpbkoulzcs68tc0bowsa6or9hrz921virzdhqxyj5nnsrvyvylvjdeasdkwok   
Finally we added the most important piece --- the sailfish. Carl was "all in" when it came to installing the centerpieces!  He hiked up high on the ladder and placed the two prized possessions together for the perfect finishing touch to the room to add some spirit to the place. I always love including art and objects to personalize the space from my client's travels and treasures. Even though design is about change and transformation, it is also about creating a space that is truly yours. My work is all about making people happy and I’m proud to say the St. Louis project was another success story. 

Holiday Decorating Tips for Your Home

Charming in its various incarnations, the holiday season is full of festive grandeur, decadent baked goods, family gatherings, and most importantly, stunning interiors. Whether you are a surrounded by a snowy winter wonderland or enjoying the tropical climate, I want you to be able to celebrate this season in beauty and elegance.  As an interior designer who understands the significance of travel and nature in design, I want to share with you my holiday interior design guide to help you achieve that one-of-a-kind luxurious holiday home that you’ve always wanted!

Follow A Color Palette That Speaks To You

Whether you are in love with the more traditional jewel tones or would prefer to deck your home out in a Scandinavian, wintery color scheme, following a specific color palette is a great way to maintain cohesiveness and flow for your holiday design. Don’t feel limited to classic holiday colors. Choose colors that you gravitate towards to really bring a unique touch to your decor. Kick up the drama factor in the room by incorporating different textures with your color selections. Velvet or a fun global material like kilim is perfect for giving your home a unique holiday style that is so “you”.

Go Organic

If you know anything about me, you know how much I am inspired by nature. Keeping with my affinity for the natural environment, I always incorporate Mother Nature in my design. That is why I love that the holiday season is the optimal time to bring the outdoors in. Interspersing natural elements with holiday decor not only highlights the natural beauty of greenery, but also gives your home a heavenly smell. When incorporating botanicals in your design, use your climate to your benefit. Take advantage of the abundance of pine trees and holly around you if you are so lucky to be in the thick of it. If you are an island dweller, decorate with palm leaves to give your home a unique tropical feel. Whatever lovely greens you choose, you will have your festive decor oozing opulence and freshness.

Bring Your Table To Life 

When it comes to deciding on your table setting, it is all about establishing the perfect balance between aesthetic and accessibility to create the ultimate entertaining space. Choose your favorite luxury material for a table runner to spruce up your tabletop. Deck out your dining space with elegant, rich, and natural arrangements and centerpieces to complete the look. When decorating, make sure to treat your dining ware as decor. To add elegance and charm to your dining experience, dress up your table with festive crystalware, like my favorite Versace Medusa Lumiere Red Wine Glasses and Decanter, to balance classic style and bold influence. What surrounds your table is equally as important as what is on it. Subtle intricacies like a Persian rug from your recent trip overseas or a bold art centerpiece give your dining room a global one-of-a-kind, holiday look without distracting too much from the seasonal theme.  

Make Your Mantel The Focal Point

Mantelpieces are great for creating an environment with distinctive style and irresistible charm. Incorporating natural elements with materials like gold, copper, silver, or ceramic will add a much needed dose of richness to your space. Give your mantelpiece a decadent finish with a couple Harrods Fluffy Fur stockings to give the room a necessary pop of festive red hue and a luxurious pure fur texture. If fur isn’t quite your look, opt for an embellished stocking like the Kim Seybert Trevi stocking for an opulent effect.

Incorporate Scent

Atmosphere is everything when it comes to the holiday season. Warm your room with your favorite festive scent to complete the sensory experience of your home. If you’re still searching for the right scent for your space, Jo Malone’s Holiday Collection has some of my absolute favorites! Not only do they smell amazing, they also double as a stylish addition to any room. Frosted Cherry and Clove, Orange Bitters, and Pine & Eucalyptus and are among some of my faves!

Don't Neglect Your Shelves

Although they tend to be overlooked, shelves are the optimal location for creating your very own wintery vignette. Stuck deciding what to put on your shelf? Pair your favorite holiday trinkets with a stack of beautiful festive books or cozy pillows. Pick pieces that emulate the holiday spirit while still remaining elegant. For a bit more of a unique look, add travel pieces to your holiday display to way give your home a high-end global flair.

No matter what your design style, I wish you a very “Happy Holidays”!  Follow us on Facebook and Twitter for more design inspiration.