Designing with Pantone’s 2018 Colors of the Year

Strategic use of color can elevate your interior design from pleasing to striking. Shelly David loves to use colour inspired by nature to create unique designs that reflect her client's individual style. Staying on top of trends is key to creating designs that are fresh and modern.

Earlier this year at the International Home + Housewares show, Pantone revealed its color and design trends for 2018. Pantone is a leader in color, known for setting industry trends in home decor, fashion and design year after year. Eight different color palettes were announced for the upcoming year: Discretion, Far-fetched, Intensity, Intricacy, Playful, Resourceful, TECH-nique and Verdure.

The new color collections are starting to move toward brighter, more intense shades with pastels becoming less prominent. The eight palettes introduce a variety of color options to complement a range of interior design styles. The Playful palette includes bright, fun colors like Minion Yellow and Lime Popsicle, while Verdure is an assortment of natural shades like Celery and Treetop.

Interior designer Shelly David brought the bright blues and turquoise tones of the TECH-nique palette to life in this modern condo design in Honolulu. The white walls and almond floors balance the bright hues of the artwork and accents in this airy space.

Tech nique LR

The Intricacy palette brings together a new group of metallics that are being called the “new neutrals” and adds in splashes of color with Holly Berry Red and Yellow Sulfur. The bedroom of this penthouse condo in Hawaii sparkles with gold tones and hints of copper, while the red vase and artwork add a touch of dramatic contrast.

Intricacy waiea

This gorgeous living and dining area in Hawaii incorporates the muted grey and rose hues of the Discretion palette. The pink and purple tones in the chairs and side cushions soften the grey walls and sofa. Touches of gold are incorporated with the end table and door handles.

Discretion LD

This bold bedroom design embraces colors from the Intensity palette. The dark red bed cover and black accents create a striking look. The warmer golden tones in the print on the bench and carpet soften the effect a bit.

Intensity BR

CIH Design can help you incorporate next year's colors and trends into your interior design project. Whether you are located in Hawaii or elsewhere around the world, Shelly and Carl can work with you to create a space you will love without ever having been there in person.


Fortuny Lighting - Soft Lighting Without Striking a Match

Fortuny fabrics have been in production for more than a century. The luxurious silk, while often considered classic design actually works well with a wide range of traditional and contemporary interiors. The Fortuny company has been using Mariano Fortuny's secret formula to hand-make the most gorgeous fabrics in the world at the original factory
Check out this editorial article in which CIH Design was featured with our incorporation of  the Cesendello works as a floor lamp.

Feeling Uninspired? Decorate Your Work Space to Boost Your Productivity


It can be hard to claim your sense of individuality when you work in an office. You could be one of hundreds of employees just in your own department and feel lost. This can cause burnout to set in quickly, especially when you deal with constant deadlines and possible conflicts with co-workers and managers. Adding some color to your work space can make more of a difference than you realize.

Adding Color Can Make You a Better Employee

Sitting in an unispiring work space can depress anyone, but your mood can really go south when it’s drab and gray. As an interior decorator, Shelly David understands the effect that colors have on people. For example, light blue tends to have a calming effect while a bold red helps people pay attention to detail so they can be energized and creative.

If you’re self-employed, try to create a private office for yourself with a view to the outside and plenty of color. Even if the rest of the work space is highly professional, you need an office of your own to get work done and take a break from the pressure of running a business. See what you can to do maximize views and provide oppotunities to look outside. Even if it’s a busy city scene out there, taking a mental break for a few seconds to look out the window can refresh you.

Make Your Work Space Reflect Who You Are

Although you might not have complete control over the appearance of your work space, take any chance you have to make it your own. Consider adding a painting with vibrant color or a long-lasting plant to your work space. Both can elevate your mood in addition to increase your productivity. 

We also encourage you to personalize your work space in any way you can. Pictures of children or pets, awards, degrees, and travel inspiration that make you smile can all have a positive effect on your well-being at work. Seeing a constant reminder of your past accomplishments can even push you to want to succeed more in the future.

CIH Design offers interior design consultation and installation for all types of commercial clients. Whether you operate a one-person business or want to give your employees a more attractive place to work, please contact us today to start brainstorming ideas.

Details Matter

We all want a place in this world that is uniquely our own. Honolulu and Maui interior design company CIH Design can give you that sense of personal satisfaction and belonging by creating the home or work space of your dreams. We incorporate luxury goods such as Murano glass, onyx sinks, and fine crystal to achieve a look of understated elegance. As an interior designer in Hawaii, Shelly David understands the culture here and will work hard to bring your imagination to life.

Details Matter

Perhaps you have heard the expression that great spaces don’t just happen by chance. Achieving a space you are proud to call your own requires close collaboration and trust between you and your interior designer. Any interior designer can transform a space, but that doesn’t mean it will look like your space in the end. Shelly brings enthusiasm and a listening ear to every new project to ensure that the final design represents her clients well.

Whether you want to showcase products from Designers Guild, install floor-to-ceiling mirrors, or have ambient lighting in place throughout your property in or near Kauai, your vision is our purpose. Shelly and the rest of the design team pay exceptional attention to every detail so your home or work environment has a comfortable and welcoming ambiance. She has designed private homes and offices, timeshares, hotels, nightclubs, restaurants, and much more.

Creating Harmony One Space at a Time

You could have the most luxurious items from around the world in your space and it could still look disorganized and unattractive. In a sense, choosing artwork, furniture, and lighting for your home or office is the easy part. It’s coordinating these items with the existing space in your Kileaua, Maui, Honolulu or other property that can prove challenging. With 25 years of experience and an unprecedented eye for detail, Shelly will transform your space even beyond what you could have imagined.

If you’re not certain which pieces you want to add or remove from your environment, we are happy to discuss this at your initial consultation. It’s not necessary that you have everything figured out today. The only thing you need is a desire to transform your space. We will handle the details from there. Please contact our office in Honolulu today.